Rome: Side Trips

Terme dei Papi Spa

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The city of Viterbo is itself worth a visit, but the nearby Terme di Papi Spa is the real reason to go. Hot springs that once helped Roman pontiffs kick back after a stressful conclave are a great place for a heathen like you to relax. A seven-mile wide fracture in the earth's crust allows hyper-thermal waters (up to 130 degrees F), rich in sulphurous salts and calcium bicarbonate and magnesium, to bubble up and soothe you. The quickest way to arrive is by car: Take Via Cassia bis (SS2bis) to Vetralla, then head east toward Viterbo, exiting at Viterbo Terme. There is also a bus that picks up passengers in Rome at Piazza Mancini and Corso Francia.

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