25 Crazy Campaign Moments

Tuesday, Nov. 02, 2010

As the 2010 midterm elections wrap up, TIME looks back at the weirdest, wildest and most telling moments of a memorable campaign season

ALL-TIME 100 Gadgets

Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

TIME technology editor Peter Ha picks the 100 greatest and most influential gadgets from 1923 to the present

A Pollster Looks at Successful Ads

Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

A leading pollster looks at why some election ads worked with viewers and others did not

Top 10 Movies That Shouldn't Have Gone to Broadway

Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2010

Richard Donner, director of the 1985 millennial classic The Goonies, says he would love to take the film to Broadway. We hope he spares us a flop. TIME looks at Broadway shows that should never have been

Top 10 Skulls

Monday, Nov. 01, 2010

Mexico's Dia de los Muertos melds the Catholic practice of commemorating martyrs and deceased loved ones with indigenous tradition, creating a macabre, joyous event famous for its ubiquitous Mexican sugar skulls. TIME looks at other well-known skulls

Classics of Bollywood Films

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

As the South Asian International Film Festival kicks off in New York City, feed your Bollywood fever with TIME's list of the best Bollywood classics — as well as our Five Essential Bollywood movies to Netflix.

7 Tips for California: How to Make Legalizing Marijuana Smart

What would be the best way to legally control marijuana? Here are our proposed regulations, with comments from drug-policy experts.

Top 10 Jon Stewart Moments

Friday, Oct. 29, 2010

Jon Stewart will hold The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear alongside Stephen Colbert. TIME takes a look at the funnyman's best moments, from making late-night wisecracks about the news to becoming America's foremost critic of media and politics

Top 10 Stephen Colbert Moments

Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

On Oct. 30, Stephen Colbert will host his March to Keep Fear Alive in connection with Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C. TIME takes a look at the best moments from the short career of Comedy Central's most famous fake pundit

Treating Kids' Psychological Ills: What's Too Young?

Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

Too many kids suffer psychological ills, but there are more ways than ever to help

Top 10 Alternative Places to Film The Hobbit

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

Continuing disputes have threatened the filming of The Hobbit in New Zealand. With no disrespect to our readers who want the production to stay in New Zealand, TIME offers 10 other locales that would suit scenes from J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved book

Top 10 Terrible Epidemics

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

Cholera has broken out among the persistent rubble from Haiti's January earthquake, killing around 300 and infecting at least 3,300. With officials saying the outbreak is stabilizing, TIME looks at other devastating scourges throughout history

Top 10 'I See Dead People' Movies

Friday, Oct. 22, 2010

In Clint Eastwood's new movie Hereafter, the acclaimed director hits on a tried-and-true story device: talking to dead people. TIME takes a look at other films full of mediums, psychics and the stubbornly undeceased

From TIME's Archives: The Anita Hill Saga

A phone call from Clarence Thomas' wife Virginia re-ignites a nearly 20-year old controversy. A look back at how it all began

The 20 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes for 2010

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Octomom outfits are so 2009. This year, there's plenty of pop-culture news worth mining for Halloween costume glory. TIME takes a look at the get-ups that are sure to win any costume contest

Top 10 Vatican Pop Culture Moments

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010

The Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano newspaper has decided that the Simpsons — the cartoon world's most famous family — is one of its own. TIME takes a look at other moments when the Church mixed with contemporary culture

Top 10 TV Moms June Cleaver Would Hate

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Barbara Billingsley, who played June Cleaver on the television show Leave It To Beaver and died Oct. 16, portrayed the perfect 1950s archetype of the American mother. TIME takes a look at some TV mothers June would have detested.

40 Under 40: Political Rising Stars

Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

In an epic election cycle, a new generation of civic leaders is already at work trying to fix a broken system — and restore faith in the process. Meet the rising stars of American politics

15 Must-Read Horror Classics

It's October, which means you could express your horror fetish with back-to-back showings of the Halloween franchise — or, you could return to the origin of spook entertainment, the classic scary story.

Top 10 Worst Bosses

Monday, Oct. 18, 2010

On October 16, America celebrated National Boss Day. In honor of this under the radar holiday, TIME takes a look at some of the nation's most egregiously bad chief execs

Top 10 American Political Prodigies

Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Today, as TIME launches 40 Under 40, showcasing the most influential young political stars in the nation, we also bring you the top apple-cheeked politicos of years past

Top 10 Badass Geezers

Friday, Oct. 15, 2010

In the new movie Red, 65-year-old Helen Mirren completely defies her age and kills lots of people with really large firearms. TIME looks at other oldies who demand respect (because they can probably hurt you)

Top 10 Failed Futuristic Predictions

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010

Google has been testing a self-driving car on the highways of California. But cool ideas such as these have often not panned out. TIME takes a look at other visions of the future we've been endlessly waiting for

4 Reasons Binge Drinking Is a Public Health Problem

One out of 3 adults and 2 out of 3 high school students who drink alcohol binge drink, according to recent government surveys. What's with Americans' overindulgence?

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Columbus

Monday, Oct. 11, 2010

Every year, the U.S. marks Columbus Day in honor of the European discovery of the New World. But should this be a holiday? And who was this Columbus guy, anyway? TIME offers some talking points

2010: Races to Watch

Friday, Oct. 08, 2010

Time.com looks at the the key congressional contests around the country

Top 10 Political Prisoners

Friday, Oct. 08, 2010

Following elections widely seen as a sham, Burma's military junta released Aung San Suu Kyi, the face of the country's democratic opposition. TIME takes a look at other prominent dissidents imprisoned for their beliefs

Celebrating Lennon's Birthday

Friday, Oct. 08, 2010

We're gonna have a good time! The former Beatle's 70th birthday is marked by films, albums, concerts and more

The Top 10 Awkward Dances

Friday, Oct. 08, 2010

On a recent trip to India, Britain's Prince Charles danced with local villagers. And it was awkward. Royally awkward. TIME takes a look at other dances that are both captivating and horrifying in perhaps not so equal a measure.

5 Little-Known Truths About American Sex Lives

A new study reveals what you didn't know about American sex habits

Top 10 Songs That Aren't Sung

Tuesday, Oct. 05, 2010

Winston Churchill's soaring World War II speeches set to music have recently (and surprisingly) hit the charts in the U.K. TIME takes a look at other pop numbers that were spoken more than they were sung

Top 10 Nerdy Competitions

Monday, Oct. 04, 2010

This weekend saw the convening of the 2010 European Rubik's Cube championships in Budapest, Hungary. As skilled competitors solved the puzzle in a matter of seconds, TIME takes a look at some of the world's geekiest contests

Top 10 Hollywood Remakes of Foreign Films

Friday, Oct. 01, 2010

Let Me In, the Hollywood remake of Swedish cult hit Let The Right One In, is getting rave reviews. TIME takes a look at other exemplary second takes

Top 10 Cartoon Theme Songs

Thursday, Sep. 30, 2010

The Flintstones celebrates its 50th anniversary today. In honor of Fred Flintone's immortal closing-time dinosaur-slide, TIME looks back at the top 10 cartoon opening sequences

Behind the Iconic Photos: TIME's Emmy-Winning Series

This array of videos tells the back story of several classic images, from the Berlin Wall to Woodstock

5 Pregnancy Taboos Explained (or Debunked)

Pregnant? Probably everyone has an opinion about what you should and should not be doing. So it might be hard to ditch that extra cup of coffee after lunch or give up the European vacation you were so looking forward to. Here's what you should know.

10 Great Retirement Investments Right Now

Monday, Sep. 27, 2010

Sure the financial markets are tough. But individuals are also now empowered with an array of investment products to help them reach their retirement goals

Top 10 Old Leaders

Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2010

This Wednesday, Sept. 29, marks Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi's 74th birthday. To mark the occasion, TIME takes a look at some of the world's other aging potentates

Top 10 Love Triangles

Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2010

On Sept. 24, a Belgian woman went on trial for having murdered another woman by sabotaging her parachute ahead of a joint skydiving trip with a man with whom both ladies were romantically involved. TIME takes a look at other more famous love triangles

What Makes a School Great

Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010

A powerful documentary argues that we have the data and the means to dramatically improve student performance. Now we need the will

Top 10 Celebrity Sesame Street Songs

Monday, Sep. 27, 2010

Sesame Street producers had decided not to air singer Katy Perry's rendition of her song "Hot and Cold" because the outfit she wore was deemed too risque for children. TIME looks at other Sesame Street celebrity songs that made an impression

Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week

Friday, Sep. 24, 2010

Artistic, silly and always addictive, these videos got the web talking this week

Code Blue: Can One Woman Save Our Oceans?

Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010

One woman's dream to create national parks in the sea

Want Good Health? There Are 10 Apps for That

Healthland pickes the 10 best wellness-inspiring apps for the iPhone

Top 10 Worst Movie-Sequel Titles

Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010

Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps proves that bad titles also get little rest. TIME takes a look at some of the worst sequel names in film history

Social Media Roundtable

Thursday, Sep. 23, 2010

By creating a place where everyone contributes but few are held accountable, social media is posing new challenges and opportunities for journalism, activism and government. Our panelists talk about how to make the Internet safe for democracy

Top 10 Badly Behaved Celebrities

Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2010

This week it's Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Next week? Who knows? TIME takes a look at the celebrities who have proved to the world that while they may be rich and famous, they're far from perfect

6 Genetically Modified Foods That Changed the World

As the FDA gets ready to vote on an application to bring the first genetically modified (GM) food animal — a salmon — to market, Healthland pauses to consider the social contribution of genetically modified crops throughout history.

Top 10 Witches

Monday, Sep. 20, 2010

The Internet was ablaze when footage from an old episode of Politically Incorrect revealed Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell admitted to dabbling in witchcraft as a teenager. TIME looks at the 10 best witches, both real and fictional

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