The TIME 100 Poll: Who Are the World's Most Influential?

Thursday, Apr. 01, 2010

Cast your votes for the leaders, artists, innovators and icons who you think merit spots on TIME's 2010 list of the 100 most influential people in the world

Top 10 Dubious Walk of Fame Stars

Monday, Apr. 12, 2010

In honor of the Walk of Fame Committee's seemingly indiscriminate method of handing out stars — which, by the way, must be purchased — TIME takes a look at a few of the unexpected names that grace Hollywood's most famous sidewalk.

Top 10 Band Breakups

Friday, Apr. 09, 2010

April 10, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the breakup of The Beatles. As a tribute, TIME takes a look at the other most memorable band splits of all time

Top 10 Most Difficult Golf Courses

Thursday, Apr. 08, 2010

The Augusta National course is storied, exclusive, opulent and private — the perfect location for Tiger Woods to make his much anticipated return to golf. TIME takes a look at the toughest courses in the game

Top 10 Disgraced Athletes

Wednesday, Apr. 07, 2010

Tiger Woods may have cheated on his wife more times then we can count, but he is certainly not the first sports star to mess up big time. As Woods preps for his return to golf, TIME takes a look at athletes who fell hard from grace

Top 10 Miraculous Rescues

Tuesday, Apr. 06, 2010

Sixty-nine days after the collapse of the San Jose gold and copper mine, the first of 33 trapped Chilean miners were pulled up from a hole more than 2,000 feet underground. TIME looks back at other amazing rescues

Top 10 Things to Watch For This Baseball Season

Sunday, Apr. 04, 2010

It seems like only yesterday that the New York Yankees lifted their 27th World Series trophy. With the new baseball season starting, TIME looks at ten things to watch for, from new players to the impact of fantasy sports

Top Ten Expensive Haircuts

Friday, Apr. 02, 2010

Florida Governor Charlie Crist and his challenger for the office, Marcio Rubio, are currently embroiled in a heated debate over spending. On haircuts, that is. TIME takes a look back at some of the priciest trims of all time

Recipes: Meat-Based Cocktails

Thursday, Apr. 01, 2010

Want to freak out your friends? Start your party off by serving some fat-washed cocktails. That's the high-brow term for meat-infused drinks. And they're being served by some of the most famous bartenders in the nation

Environmental Toxins

Thursday, Apr. 01, 2010

Chemicals in plastics and other products seem harmless, but mounting evidence links them to health problems — and Washington lacks the power to protect us

YouTube's 50 Best Videos

Monday, Mar. 29, 2010

YouTube — breeding ground for the Web's wackiest and wildest viral videos — turns five in 2010. In recognition, TIME takes a look back at the site's 50 greatest hits

Top 10 Protected Foods

Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2010

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb has been given the stamp of "Protected Designation of Origin" by the E.U. It's one on a growing list of food and drinks with protected status. Here's a look at 10 treats with very particular pedigrees

Top 10 Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2010

As we gear up to say goodbye to 24 in its last season, TIME takes a look at other television series that stayed at the party a bit too long

Top 10 YouTube Trainwrecks

Monday, Mar. 29, 2010

Careful — there's a camera watching. These YouTube stars learned that the hard way after their tantrums, freak-outs and failures became the stuff of Internet legend

Top 10 Alternative Political Movements

Monday, Mar. 29, 2010

As the Tea Party kicks off its latest bus tour, TIME takes a look at the most popular (and sometimes radical) political movements worldwide

Are Companies Our Best Hope for Climate Change?

Monday, Mar. 22, 2010

The summit will explore the role and influence of emerging energy technologies on climate change, on business, on infrastructure and, of course, on the environment

The Five Keys to Health Reform's Success or Failure

Thursday, Mar. 25, 2010

Will it work? And how will it work? A guide to what the new law will mean for costs, Medicare, doctors, the states — and you

Top 10 Time Travel Movies

Friday, Mar. 26, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine hits theaters Mar. 26, bringing the concept of time travel to a new (and frankly, kind of weird) level. TIME takes a look at other famous time-traveling films and the dubious science that made them possible

Top 10 Product Recalls

Wednesday, Mar. 24, 2010

Infantino has said it will pull more than 1 million of it's baby sling baby carriers from the market, following the deaths of at least three infants. TIME takes a look at the most prominent — and scary — product recalls in history

Overcoming Obesity

Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2010

On the frontlines of the battle of the bulge

Shriver, Monroe, Pitt: The 10 Most Shocking Celeb-Relationship Flameouts

Tuesday, May. 10, 2011

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have announced that they're "amicably separating" after 25 years of marriage. TIME looks at some other notable celebrity-couple implosions

Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes (Updated)

Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2010

Throughout his decades of public service, the former Senator and current Vice President has earned a reputation for often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

The Iraq War Turns Seven: A Month-by-Month History

Thursday, Mar. 18, 2010

A brief history of the war — month by month, quote by quote

Top 10 Knockdown Congressional Battles

Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2010

After more than a year of debate, the Obama Administration is on the cusp of signing its health care overhaul into law. Think that legislative battle was a difficult one? TIME takes a look at 10 of the most hard-fought Congressional scraps in history

The Top 10 Web Trends

Monday, Mar. 22, 2010

South By Southwest Interactive is nerd paradise — Austin's annual tech smash has minted its share of Internet darlings. This year's conference didn't have a star, but it did offer insight to the trends and ideas shaping the Web in 2010

Top 10 Movie Wimps

Friday, Mar. 19, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a movie based on a best-selling book series, is out this weekend. Here are the top 10 cinematic scaredy-cats

10 Things You Didn't Know About St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, Mar. 17, 2010

We're all a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day. From shamrocks to snakes, Guinness to the Blarney Stone, TIME takes a look at some of the lesser-known facts about the world's favorite Irish holiday

Top 10 Shocking Hoaxes

Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2010

Georgians were in for the shock of their lives on March 13 when the pro-government Imedi station reported Russian tanks were invading again. In honor of this bizarre news hoax, TIME takes look at more of history's most outrageous deceptions

James "Whitey" Bulger Arrested: Top 10 Notorious Fugitives

Monday, Mar. 15, 2010

On May 1, nearly a decade after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the mastermind behind the operation that took the lives of almost 3,000 people was killed by U.S. special operations forces in Pakistan. TIME takes a look at other infamous fugitives.

Bernie Madoff Scandal: Where Are They Now?

Friday, Mar. 12, 2010

A year after disgraced financier Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty to a $65 billion Ponzi scheme and was sentenced to 150 years in prison, TIME recaps what has transpired for the major players

10 Big Ideas: The Next American Century

Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010

A thinker's guide to the most important trends of the new decade

Big Ideas for Small Business

Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010

Credit is tight and customers scarce: it takes a little magic to maintain momentum

The Worst Live-Action Versions of Cartoon Classics

With all this talk about a Smurfs live action film, Techland looks back at some of the worst adaptations of cartoon classics to date

Solving the D.B. Cooper Case? Top 10 Brazen Heists

Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010

As police search for the bandits who stole more than $100 million in jewels from an exclusive shop in Paris, TIME examines history's most daring heists

The 2010 Oscars: The Most Memorable Moments

Monday, Mar. 08, 2010

From Ben Stiller's Na'vi tail to Kathryn Bigelow's historic win as best director, this year's Oscars charmed its audience with plenty of surprising moments

Top 10 Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits

Wednesday, Mar. 10, 2010

On March 8, actress Lindsay Lohan filed suit against financial company E*Trade for their use of the name Lindsay for a fictional baby in one of its T.V. ads, claiming it constitutes illegal use of "her name and characterization"

Top 10 Musical Supergroups

Tuesday, Mar. 09, 2010

Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse has teamed up with the Shins' lead singer James Mercer to create a new band called Broken Bells. In honor of the newly formed super-duo, TIME takes a look previous all-star bands

The Oscar Race: TIME Picks the Winners

Friday, Mar. 05, 2010

TIME's Richard Corliss picks this year's Oscar winners, from the sure things (Mo'Nique) to the nail-biters (The Hurt Locker vs. Avatar)

Cell Phones' Radiation Report Card

Friday, Mar. 05, 2010

The amount of radiation emitted by cell phones varies from model to model, but all fall under the FCC-mandated maximum absorption rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram of body tissue. Here's a look at some of the highest and lowest emitters

Through the Looking Glass: The Many Alices of Wonderland

Techland takes a look through past Alice in Wonderland adaptations leading up to Tim Burton's reincarnation of the childhood story, now in theaters

Quirky Geographical Name Changes

Thursday, Mar. 04, 2010

From Google, Kansas, to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the stories behind oddball place names are often more interesting than the names themselves

10 Smarter Ways to Reach Your Retirement Goals

Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2010

Here are 10 ways to rethink, restore and even recharge your retirement dreams

Top 10 Post-Election Sarah Palin Quips

Wednesday, Mar. 03, 2010

Sarah Palinís appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is the latest in a string of speeches and interviews the former Alaska governor has given since 2008

10 Best Camera Apps for the iPhone

It certainly isn't the definitive iPhone camera app list, but we're pretty sure it's close

Top 10 Memorable Moments of the Winter Olympics

Monday, Mar. 01, 2010

It started with tragedy, and technical mishap or two, but the Vancouver Winter Games also had its share of athletic triumphs. Here a look at this year's Olympic highs and lows

A Brief History of Airport Snafus

Tuesday, Mar. 02, 2010

A JetBlue pilot's "medical situation" caused a Las Vegas-bound flight to be diverted to Amarillo, Texas yesterday. The diversion was just the latest in a history of inconveniences, mishaps, lost luggage and stranding at our nation's airports.

Top 10 Figure Skating Rivalries

Friday, Feb. 26, 2010

South Korea's Yu Na Kim and Japan's Mao Asada are the latest figure skaters to duel in the Winter Olypmics. Here's a look at ten opponents who whipped out every loop, salchow and axel they could in their race for gold

Fitness Tech: 10 Cool Ways to Get in Shape

Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010

A new generation of technology and websites are making it easier than ever to keep track of your fitness goals and to workout in new ways — often without any need to break out the gym bag.

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