Person of the Year 2011: The Protester

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011

A year after a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself ablaze, dissent has spread across the Middle East, reaching Europe and the U.S., reshaping global politics and redefining people power

TIME's Gift Guides: Stylish Books

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011

A collection of the latest glossy tomes that are equally fashionable in covers and content

The Top 10 Everything of 2011

Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

In 54 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and bad, of the past 12 months

TIME's Luxury Gift Guide: A Lineup of Lavish Presents

Tuesday, Dec. 06, 2011

A dozen glamorous gifts for the holiday season, from leather board games to blitz and bling

TIME Gift Guides: Cheap Chic Presents That Come in Pretty Packages

Monday, Nov. 28, 2011

Sometimes it's all about the box or label. TIME rounds up inexpensive items that come beautifully wrapped for convenient gift giving

Top 10 Things TIME Is Thankful for This Year

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011

As we prepare to give thanks by gorging ourselves on a Thanksgiving Day feast, TIME staffers rounded up this list of the good things 2011 brought to our lives. This year, we're thankful...

The 9 Most Christmas-y Towns in America

Monday, Nov. 21, 2011

We take a look at the places that take this holiday very seriously, from over-the-top light extravaganzas to the classic and quaint

Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year 2011?

Friday, Nov. 11, 2011

Tradition dictates that TIME's editors choose the Person of the Year, but we want to know: if you were in charge, who would it be?

Top 10 Fake TIME Magazine Covers

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

America's Next War

Friday, Nov. 11, 2011

An inside look at the $800 billion battle to heal returning servicemen and women

TIME's Gift Guides: A Dozen Do-Gooder Presents

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011

From green goods to goodies that give back, TIME rounds up pretty presents from socially conscious companies

China's Century — or India's?

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011

With so many of the world's economies in tatters, the combined might of China and India could spearhead global growth in the coming decades. Are they up to the job?

Which G Would You Be? A Top 10, from the G20 to Kenny G

Friday, Nov. 04, 2011

The G in G-20 gets all the glory. In honor of the final day of the G-20, TIME took a look at all the other G's that are more worthy of praise

Don't You Hate It? Andy Rooney's Grumpiest Moments

Tuesday, May. 11, 2010

60 Minutes correspondent Andy Rooney passed away November 4, 2011 at the age of 92. In memory of Rooney's 33-year career on the CBS show, TIME took a look at some of his most ridiculous complaints

Sinead O'Connor and the 10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2011

Forget "till death do us part" — these celebrities couldn't even make it a year. In honor of Sinead O'Connor's 18 days of wedded bliss, TIME rounded up the 10 most ephemeral Hollywood unions

7 Billion People: How the Next Population Milestone Will Affect Our Crowded World

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

This month, the seven billionth person will be born on a planet already strapped for resources. To mark this extraordinary milestone, TIME explores the most pressing population issues of the day

All-TIME 100 Songs

Monday, Oct. 24, 2011

Our critics pick the most extraordinary English-language pop recordings since the beginning of TIME magazine in 1923. Here are 100 (unranked) songs of enduring beauty, power and inventiveness

Thinking Big

Monday, Oct. 31, 2011

TIME surveys small businesses around the world and the entrepreneurs that keep them going

It's the End of the World: Top Ten Failed Predictions

Friday, Oct. 21, 2011

Harold Camping predicts the world will end today — he's said that before. Here's hoping the world does not actually end today, because TIME rounded up 10 spectacularly wrong predictions in his honor

Entrepreneurial Insights

Monday, Oct. 24, 2011

A look at the innovative ways small businesses are adapting and growing in a changing economic climate

Top 15 Toppled Dictators

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011

After 42 years in power in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi met his demise Oct. 20. TIME takes a look at other dictators who have been overthrown by their own people

The 10 Best (Topical) Halloween Costumes for 2011

Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011

Justin Bieber and Snooki are so 2010. This year, there's plenty of pop-culture news worth mining for Halloween-costume glory. TIME takes a look at the getups that are sure to win any costume contest

Before Wall Street: America's Top 10 Protest Movements

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011

As Occupy Wall Street enters its fourth week, TIME takes a look at other sociopolitical movements in U.S. history

Adventure Travel

Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2011

Chicago Ideas Week 2011: Intelligence Squared

Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011

Some of the greatest minds in their fields gather in Chicago to discuss, create and promote innovation on a variety of topics.

Top 10 Nobel Prize Controversies

Friday, Oct. 07, 2011

Nothing sparks debate like the Nobel Prize awards. This week we've already had accusations of insularity, Brits betting on Bob Dylan and a winner dying without the committee realizing it. TIME takes a look at the most controversial moments in the history

Top 10 Topical Sesame Street Characters

Thursday, Oct. 06, 2011

In a nod to the American recession, the children's television show will feature a character that doesn't have enough food. Here, TIME takes a look at the other puppet personalities who've tackled tough issues for kids

What You Need to Know About Bullying

Monday, Oct. 03, 2011

From playground cruelty to the online rumor mill, we're hearing more about bullying than ever, but are we getting better at helping kids and teens cope?

Kanye at Fashion Week: Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Lines

Monday, Oct. 03, 2011

On Saturday, hip-hop star Kanye West turned fashion designer, launching his women's-wear line at Paris Fashion Week. TIME takes a look at the other celebrities who have traded one medium for another

Breathe Deep: The Cleanest Cities in America

Friday, Sep. 30, 2011

A new World Health Organization report details air pollution rates around the globe. Here are the cleanest cities in the country

Don't Go in There! The 10 Scariest Movie Haunted Houses

Friday, Sep. 30, 2011

As the Daniel Craig thriller Dream House hits theaters, TIME takes a look back at the most frightening haunted abode movies ever

Top 10 Unorthodox Leading Men

Monday, Sep. 26, 2011

As Steve Buscemi reprises his leading role in season two of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire," TIME takes a look at other unconventional leading men throughout the years

The 10 Most Air-Polluted Cities in America

Thursday, Sep. 29, 2011

The World Health Organization has ranked global cities on the amount of particulate pollution in their air. Here's the dirtiest of the dirty in the U.S.

Top 25 Sports Films: From Breaking Away to Million Dollar Baby

Friday, Sep. 23, 2011

This weekend's "Moneyball" will try to prove, yet again, whether America's pastime can hit a home run at the box office. What a perfect occasion to pick the best sports films ever (in alphabetical order). Though we've definitely left out some sentimental favorites — cry us a river over "Brian's Song" some other time — we're confident that you'll discover some new classics

Nirvana's Legacy: 20 Years of Nevermind

Thursday, Sep. 22, 2011

TIME takes a look at Nirvana's small but stunning video corpus from the band's two-and-a-half years in the spotlight

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Peace Corps

Thursday, Sep. 22, 2011

Fifty years ago, Congress authorized the Peace Corps Act, formally instating the service organization that would go on to send more than 200,000 volunteers to 139 countries

Sept. 21, Earth Wind & Fire and the Top 10 Date-Specific Songs

Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2011

Earth, Wind & Fire's hit "September" asks, "Do you remember the 21st night of September?" This Sept. 21, TIME takes a look at songs with specific date references

Postcards from Toronto: Seven TIFF Contenders

Sunday, Sep. 18, 2011

Out of the 250 movies screened at Toronto's festival, TIME's Richard Corliss picks seven that challenged and entertained

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Name Changes

Monday, Sep. 19, 2011

In a move sure to raise eyebrows and complicate jersey sales, the NBA athlete formerly-known as Ron Artest has officially changed his name to Metta World Peace. TIME takes a look at other celebs that have made question name changes

Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience

Wednesday, Sep. 07, 2011

To hail that spirit on the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001, TIME revisited the people who led us, moved us and inspired us

Who Wore It Best? A New York Fashion Week Report Card

Friday, Sep. 16, 2011

More than 250 designers presented their Spring-Summer 2012 collections during the biannual event, which ran Sept. 8-15. TIME rates ten of the week's most well-known labels

He Played Who? Emmy Nominees' Surprising Early Roles

Thursday, Sep. 15, 2011

It's hard for actors to avoid being typecast, particularly after audiences have spent years watching them on a hit TV show week after week. Here are some of the most successful reincarnations

Meet Denmark's New Prime Minister and 12 More Women in Power

Monday, Aug. 23, 2010

On Sept. 15 Helle Thorning-Schmidt led her political alliance to victory in Denmark, paving the way for her to become the country's first female Prime Minister. In honor of female politicians kicking through glass ceilings, TIME takes a look at 13 women who have made it to the top

15 Years After Tupac: The Top 10 Unsolved Hip-Hop Murders

Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2011

On the 15th anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death at age 25, TIME takes a look at 10 hip hop stars whose murders were never resolved

Don't Sneeze: The Top 10 Epidemic Movies

Friday, Sep. 09, 2011

You might find yourself wanting to hole up at home away from others after watching Steven Soderbergh's Contagion. Here's a look at ten other pandemic-focused films to watch during your self-imposed quarantine.

All-TIME 100 Best and Most Influential Nonfiction Books

Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011

We pick the 100 best and most influential written in English since 1923, the beginning of TIME ... magazine

A 21-Foot Crocodile?! The Top 10 Real Life Monsters

Thursday, Sep. 08, 2011

From the massive 2,370 pound crocodile caught this week in the Philippines, to the most toxic jelly fish in the world, a look at the creepiest creatures in the world

Game Changers

Tuesday, Sep. 06, 2011

Meet the innovators and problem-solvers that are inspiring change in America

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Labor Day

Monday, Sep. 05, 2011

As we bid summer adieu, TIME takes a look at the things you might not know about Labor Day

The Top 10 Sweatiest Movies

Friday, Sep. 02, 2011

To mark the end of summer, TIME takes a look at movies with copious amounts of perspiration

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