Our Next War: Rehabilitating Wounded Vets

Erin Trieb / VII Mentor for TIME

America's next fight will take place thousands of miles away from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, in special cities where some of the wars' most grievously wounded troops begin their journeys to their new normal. TIME reporter Nate Rawlings, himself an Iraq War veteran, takes an inside look at Brooke Army Medical Center, a place where, as some have said, miracles are manufactured More »

  • Video: Reunion and Recovery

    A roadside bomb in Afghanistan nearly ended the life of Sergeant First Class Travis Parker. TIME reporter Nate Rawlings, who fought with Parker in Iraq, chronicles his challenging road to recovery More »

  • It Takes a Platoon

    A fellow veteran tells the story of Sgt. First Class Travis Parker who is fighting through multiple surgeries after devastating injuries in Afghanistan with one main goal in mind: get back to his troops More »

  • Photos: The Art of War

    Fresh from the front lines in the war on terror, returning troops often turn to body tattoos to deal with the jarring transition back to civilian life More »

  • Photos: Brooke Army Medical Center

    For some of the grievously wounded troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, the early part of that journey takes place at BAMC More »

  • The Real Medical Legacy of America's Wars

    Maj. Gen. Ted Wong, commander of Brooke Army Medical Center, talks about advances in limb replacement, PTSD treatment and the other medical advancements to come out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan More »

  • Using Virtual Reality to Control Pain

    Run through icy canyons! Throw snowballs at wooly mammoths! How virtual reality games set in the arctic, are helping burn patients More »

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    Photographer Peter van Agtmael writes about the experience of photographing new recruits at Fort Jackson military base More »