Who Says A Woman Can't Be Einstein? (Cover Story)

Yes, men's and women's brains are different. But new research upends the old myths about who's good at what. A tour of the ever changing brain


A Welcome Guest

Condoleezza Rice visited an Asia that is flexing its muscles, but where powerful nations don't quite trust one another

India Goes Undercover

After exposing India's casting couch, the country's feisty media now find the spotlight turned on them


Back in the Picture (Movies)

Hong Kong's once vaunted film industry has been in a slump, but help from China could turn things around

A Glorious Mess (Exhibitions)

In Hong Kong, an exhibition reveals great Chinese art forged in a time of chaos


Who Killed Munir? (Notebook)

A Garuda pilot is arrested in the murder of an Indonesian human rights activist

Terror, Visible (Notebook)

From the Philippines to Malaysia, disturbing new signs of terrorist activity are appearing

Betting on the Strip (Notebook)

Gaming magnate Sheldon Adelson announces a plan to develop Asia's Las Vegas. Hint: it's big


Let It Rain! (TIME Global Business)

An Úlite group of venture capitalists, bankers and lawyers is bringing billions to China

A New High Flyer (TIME Global Business)

Most of the world's airlines are cash squeezed, but Emirates is rolling in it

World Beaters (TIME Global Business)

People to Watch in International Business

High on India (TIME Global Business)

Lured by intoxicating returns, foreign investors are piling into the Indian stock market. But not everyone can be a Big Fish

To Our Readers (TIME Global Business)

Where to Look for Help in China


Peak Performance (TIME Global Adviser)

Some of Asia's most famous summits are surprisingly accessible

Planet of the Apes (TIME Global Adviser)

Come Face to face with some long lost relatives

Idol Pleasures (TIME Global Adviser)

Grab the keys to a hotel unlike any other

Hidden Gem (TIME Global Adviser)

Hard bargaining for precious stones in Santiago

It's All the Raj (TIME Global Adviser)

A new book gives Indian food a contemporary makeover