Behind the Serbian Lines

Braving the trenches, a TIME correspondent discovers why the Serbs will not give up one foot of the land they have taken -- and why it will be so difficult to defeat them

Reluctant Warrior

Clinton threatens to take on the Serbs, but a wary America fears a Balkan quagmire


Dark Sequels (The Week: Nation)

David Koresh's horror tale splits into dozens of stories, none happy

Money Wars (The Week: Nation)

Clinton's campaign-finance reform may be less crusade than retreat

Post Office Murders (The Week: Nation)

Killings by mail workers in two states revive a decade-long nightmare

Remaking of The President (The White House)

Accused of lacking focus, Clinton hires a new aide, pushes back the health-care plan and apologizes to Bob Dole. But will he go to bed earlier?

Target: George Bush (The Week: Nation)

Did Saddam try to assassinate the former President last month?

Town Without Teeth (The Week: Nation)

A California D.A. with budget woes cuts down on prosecutions


Afrikaners, Unite! (The Week World)

South African right-wingers demand an independent white homeland

Bloody Campaign

Brutal attacks on U.N. forces put Cambodia's election in jeopardy

Hot on The Trail (The Week World)

Mexico's top law enforcer gets tough on drug trafficking

Loosening The Knot (The Week World)

Israelis and Palestinians make strides toward neighborliness

Love It or Leave (The Week World)

Bolstered by the referendum, Russia's President talks tough


Udder Insanity!

A battle is raging over the safety of milk from cows treated with a genetically engineered hormone


Cider with A Kick (The Week Health & Science)

Jugs bought at roadside apple stands can be tainted with bacteria

Depressing Danger (The Week Health & Science)

Research suggests that drugs to lift the spirits may cause miscarriage

Lighting The Way (The Week Health & Science)

Tuberculosis sufferers are getting glowing help from the firefly

Milking a Fad (Health)

A burgeoning industry is milking fat profits from the faddish fear of dairy products


Children of A Lesser God (Behavior)

The surviving kids of Ranch Apocalypse offer shocking details of life with David Koresh

Gardening Nature's Way (Living)

A back-to-natives movement is bringing ecological harmony to the American backyard

Shooting Star (The Week: Society)

A heart ailment may end the meteoric career of the Celtics' Reggie Lewis



A Break for Uncle Sam (The Week: Business)

More short-term borrowing could cut the government's interest costs


Lincoln's Emancipation (Music)

After soaring in the 1960s, singer Abbey Lincoln plunged into obscurity. Now her jazzy message of black self-esteem has put her back atop the charts.

Prime-Time Mind Bender (Television)

Oliver Stone's futuristic fantasy Wild Palms is the most bizarre mini-series since Twin Peaks

The Gay White Way (Theater)

Angels in America and other new works center on homosexual themes