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Tough Times in Cleveland

Already battered by unemployment, the city struggles to weather the housing crisis. Photographs for TIME by Anthony Suau


How Healthy Is John McCain? (The Well / Campaign '08)

His bout with melanoma after the 2000 campaign makes his health and his age election issues today. Why he's still at risk

Voter's Guide to the Economy (The Well / Campaign '08)

The U.S. has money troubles that are deeper than just one downturn. Who's got the best big ideas?

Hamas Hysteria (In The Arena)

Smeared by McCain, Obama says he won't talk to the bad guys. They're both failing the leadership test

What Obama Owes the Clintons (The Well / Commentary)

Obama's backers love to hate the Clintons. But without Bill and Hillary, his candidacy would not be possible


Taking Care of Our Vets

How we treat our veterans says a lot about America's character. These days, it isn't pretty


China: After the Killer Quake (The Well / World)

After a killer quake, Beijing scrambles to show the world it can cope with a massive humanitarian crisis. How the disaster--and the government's response to it--could change China forever

Photos: China Digs Out

After a massive earthquake strikes the southwest, the Chinese mobilize a massive search and rescue operation

Welcome to Hizballahstan (The Well / World)

The militants' easy victory in the battle for Beirut leaves the U.S. yet again on the losing side of an Arab conflict, with little leverage and few options

An Offer Burma Can't Refuse (The Well / Viewpoint)

In the midst of disaster, Burma's rulers have resisted outside help. It's time for the world to force it on them

Photos: Waiting to Save Burma

A week after Cyclone Nargis ravaged Burma, the world still waits for the nation's junta to let food and aid workers in Photographs for TIME by Prashant Panjiar

Postcard: Harlem (Postcard: Harlem)

An ambitious redevelopment plan has residents and city planners feuding over what constitutes progress. Debating the historic district's next renaissance


The Republicans' Election Scare (Washington Memo)

The party loses a once-safe Mississippi congressional seat, the third loss of three that could be a bad omen for '08

Eye of the Storm. (The Moment)

Nature's wrath is fickle, but how we respond is up to us


Sizing Up Carbon Footprints (Life: Environment - Technology / Environment)

How new Web tools help measure--and shrink--your impact on global warming


Bye Bye, Birdie. Hello, Rent (The Well / Education)

The high school musical has graduated from Oklahoma! — and from High School Musical too



Under Armour's Big Step Up (The Well / BUSINESS)

Out of a basement rose an apparel brand that soaked up sweat and poured profits. Now the company wants a piece of the sneaker market. Why Nike is hearing footsteps


5 Things You Should Know About (Arts: Movies - Photography - Downtime / Downtime)

Singing from a starlet, history from Hollywood and gunslinging from a class act


10 Questions for Ira Glass

For 13 years he has hosted the documentary series This American Life on public radio. The television version is currently in its second season on Showtime. Ira Glass will now take your questions


They Might Be Giants (Innovators / Video for Kids)

Long popular in the rock world, John Flansburgh and John Linnell are now big with kids too

Pancake Mountain (Innovators / Video for Kids)

With a mix of puppets and rock bands, Scott Stuckey created a show that's fun and smart--and even a bit ironic

Yo Gabba Gabba! (Innovators / Video for Kids)

Two fathers, Scott Schultz and Christian Jacobs, know what it takes to appeal to kids

Pororo (Innovators / Video for Kids)

With the help of his giant, cuddly penguin, South Korea's Choi Jong Il lets kids dream big


Toasting the TIME 100

In a memorable evening, some of the world's most influential people honored those who had most inspired them