A Gulf Apart (Special Report | The Middle East)

Lebanon is inflamed once more by old hatreds. Yet elsewhere in the Middle East a new Arab world is emerging, with powerhouses like Qatar and Dubai leading the way

Welcome to Hizballahstan (Special Report | Lebanon)

Armed by Syria and Iran, the militants now have free rein in Lebanon — and there is little that the government or its allies in Washington can do about it

Araby's Beating Heart (Special Report | Qatar)

Awash in riches from oil and gas, Qatar is transforming itself into a model of modernization in the Middle East. The driving force: one man and his formidably powerful wife

Sheika Mozah: Breaking the Mold (Special Report | Qatar | Interview)

The First Lady of Qatar speaks to Scott MacLeod about feminism, Islam and the need for change

A Place to Call their Own (Special Report | Professionals)

Young Arabs find a balance of tradition and opportunity in Dubai. With lots of business smarts, they are ready to make a fortune, and have fun too

The Dark Side of the Dream (Special Report | Migrants)

Poorly-paid and burdened by debt, an underclass of migrant workers gives the Gulf its glitz. They are the linchpin of the boom, and their anger is rising

City Limits (Special Report | Commentary)

Dazzling metropolises are rising across the Gulf. But how do you create an enduring city with real soul?




Postcard: Sochi

On the Black Sea, residents are angry about a land-confiscation law that darkens what they thought was a bright future. The true costs of hosting the Winter Olympics



Paradise Bound (Books)

A new book looks at how landscaping transforms Asia's luxury resorts

Shenzhen Surprise (Check In)

A tranquil beach resort lies just a short drive from China's notorious boomtown

Haute and Spicy (Amuse Bouche)

Jakarta's Bunga Rampai offers home cooking in a sophisticated setting