Up and Comers (The Interpreters: Translating Brands with a Fresh Eye)

Ten women on the rise


Homegrown Terror

A potent poison. A Senate mail room. Echoes of the unsolved anthrax attacks--with a dash of angry truckers


Terror on the Subway

President Putin blames Chechen rebels for the latest deadly attack. But is he making things worse?


Cupid Academy

MATCHMAKING is a serious--and fast-growing--business, as students learn in a weekend course

The Battle Over Gay Marriage

It's official: gays can marry in Massachusetts come may. A TIME report on how it happened, what it means--and how it may play out in the race for the White House


Mighty Midas

Inspired by newfound optimism, designers are dipping into gold again

Louis Vuitton

He reinvented handbags with coated canvas and logos a-go-go.

Rise and Shine

What does it take to get dressed in the morning? Three style mavens reveal their daily routines and fashion fetishes.


The Preppy Handbook (Notebook)

Put down that Bloody Mary. The clean-shaven look is in for fall

The A List: Men's (Notebook)

From beanies in Honolulu to sneakers in Sydney--here's what's selling in the global men's market

Euro News: Art Meets Fashion (Notebook / Euro News)

Behind the racks at MaxMara's new Florence boutique, 16th century frescoes are uncovered

Japan's Bright Light (Notebook)

Architect Kazuyo Sejima wants to bring calm to cities around the globe. With a string of new projects, she's in demand


Back In Bloom

Floral prints are a perennial spring favorite, and this season they're back, along with mega-model Gisele Bundchen, who returns to fashion after an eight-month hiatus. Joel Stein catches up with the B

Inside The H&M Fashion Machine

Who needs high price tags when disposable chic is the name of the game? Sarah Raper Larenaudie goes behind the scenes at Sweden's hip retail emporium to find out how today's runway trends can become t

Who Will Be The Next Domestic Diva?

With Martha Stewart mired in legal troubles, a cadre of successors is lining up to take her place. The good thing: perfect is passe. Marion Hume surveys the field of top contenders


To Russia For Cash

A treasured Faberge egg collection is the latest sale in an eye-popping liquidation of Forbes family assets


Books: You've Got Male (Books)

Do men have an answer to chick lit? Three new books by and about guys give it a shot


Drawing In the Gals (Lifestyle)

Move over, guys. Graphics for girls are the hot new genre in Japanese comics


Geared Up For Health (Time Bonus Section March 2004: Generations)

New technology may enable us to live longer and happier lives at home--and even cure our ailing health-care system

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson (Time Bonus Section March 2004: Generations / Relationships)

No pains. No Viagra. No excuses. Why older women date younger men

Musical Prayers (Time Bonus Section March 2004: Generations / Turning Point)

War experiences inspired Dave Brubeck's religious music




I Am So Amused (Commentary)

Even in the world of high fashion, having a muse on the payroll seems wonderfully extravagant.