The Bodies in the Barrels (Crime)

Police in Kansas go after a financial con man suspected of murderous prowling on the Internet

The Boy Who Loved Me (Crime)

A child molester and his ex-lover try an ill-fated escape. Did a controversial law drive them to it?

Twice As Nice (Living)

No longer merely a quick visit to the city hall, the second wedding is getting to be just as extravagant as the first



One for the Team (Sydney 2000)

Teresa Edwards has taken a solitary approach to her pursuit of another basketball gold medal


Politica (Notebook)

Como Se Dice 'Vote for Me' en Espanol?


In Rwanda, Help Arrives (Update)

The Mother and Baby Project, reported in TIME, begins saving lives in the small African nation


Grounds For Appeal

The trial of the 21st century now moves to higher courts, where anything could happen

Connecting Flights

United's union with US Airways sets off a frenzy of merger maneuvering


Is That Your Final Answer?

Those tougher tests that were supposed to inspire sagging schools have spurred parents, students and teachers to rebel against the exams' harmful side effects


Run, Chicken Run! (The Arts / Show Business)

The inmates of Hut 17 are planning a great escape. Viewers will get one in this high, wild and hen-some stop-motion adventure

Cinema: Honk If You Love Jerry (The Arts / Cinema)

In the slick, silly Gone in 60 Seconds, Bruckheimer limns an ode to fast cars and the men who steal them

Books: The Age of Innocence (The Arts / Books)

An assured first novel evokes an old-fashioned childhood in which all seems strange and magical


Daddy's Big Moment (Personal Time / Your Family)

Dads are hot right now and not just on Father's Day. New magazines and websites cater to them and promote a new style of parenting

Sunburned (Personal Time / Your Money)

Wall Street loves to talk about the summer rally. Don't get suckered--it doesn't exist

Tips For Travelers (Personal Time / Your Health)

Trips abroad expand the mind but also expose you to health risks. Here's how to protect yourself


And The Beat Slows Down (Time Select / Global Business)

But will the business letdown be soft, hard-soft or hard? TIME's Board of Economists is divided, yet sees no chance of a recession

Heavyweight Champ (Time Select / Global Business)

For investors, the U.S. is where the action is. So money pours in and the dollar rules--but for how long?

Testing Time for the VCs (Time Select / Global Business)

Seduced by soaring IPOs, VC wannabes are flooding the market. But as veterans are learning, the days of easy money are over

Mrs. Big's Big Deals (Time Select / Americans Abroad)

An audacious U.S. businesswoman has helped remake Poland's business culture, as well as one of its flagship firms

Help Wanted For Europe (Time Select / Global Business)

While 15 million are registered as unemployed in the European Union, millions of jobs go begging for lack of qualified applicants

Admire Our Busy Signal (Time Select / Global Business)

Scandinavia's MeritaNordbanken is making up for its size by setting a world-class pace for Internet and mobile-phone banking

Armani Looks Ahead (Time Select)

The designer has high hopes for the new millennium, but key defections are raising concerns about his company's future

The Golden Diaspora (Time Select / Global Business)

Indian immigrants to the U.S. are one of the newest elements of the American melting pot--and the most spectacular success story

Will We Still Turn Pages? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Will society go the way of the book, the way of the screen or, via the miracle of e-ink, both ways at once?

Will Cyber Criminals Run The World? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

World dominance isn't so easily won, but that hasn't stopped the spies and the nerds from waging a bitter war over encryption technology

Will Cybersex Be Better Than Real Sex? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

That depends on what lights your diodes. But judging by the quality of today's teledildonics, some things (hooray!) will never change

Will Smell-O-Vision Replace Television? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Don't hold your breath, or your nose. But broadband and new gadgets promise to widen the pipeline to your set (and your wallet)

What Will Replace Silicon? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Eventually the doubling and redoubling of computer power that has driven the information age will cease. Then what?

Will My PC Be Smarter Than I Am? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Once we learn how to map the brain and make computers fast enough to simulate it, all bets are off

Will Everything Be Digital? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

What happens in a world in which atoms are replaced by bits? In which everything that was wired becomes wireless, and vice versa?

What Will Replace The Internet? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

First it will become wireless and ubiquitous, crawling into the woodwork and perhaps even under our skin. Eventually, it will disappear

Will AOL Own Everything? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

America Online could do in the early 21st century what Microsoft did at the end of the 20th: control the flow of key technologies

Will Frankenfood Feed The World? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Genetically modified food has met fierce opposition among well-fed Europeans, but it's the poor and the hungry who need it most

Will I Still Be Addicted To Video Games? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

As technology gets more advanced, so does playtime. Prepare to plug in your bioport and enter a universe that's better than real ife

Is Technology Moving Too Fast? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Self-accelerating technologies--computers that make faster computers, for example--may have a destabilizing effect on society

What Will We Drive? (Visions 21 / Our Technology)

Invited to conjure up the future, designers at GM, Ford, Chrysler and Nissan produced these 21st century dream machines