2008 Summer Journey

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Games People Play

Who invented chess? Why is polo big in Pakistan? From the ancient city of Ur to modern Africa, from Cornwall to Korea, how sports and games have changed our world More »

  • Games We Play

    Who invented chess? Why is polo played in Pakistan? From Cornwall to Korea, how sports and games have changed our world More »

  • Hong Kong Parkour

    Meet Hong Kong's own practicioners of parkour, and watch them demonstrate how it's done More »

  • India's Passion for Cricket

    Once the pastime of its colonizers, India has made a traditional British game its own — and become its most avid and powerful player More »

  • Cameroon's Football Fever

    TIME's Vivienne Walt travels to Cameroon, where young footballers dream a recruiter will spot them and lift them—and their families—out of poverty
    Photographs for TIME by Anna Kari / Documentography More »

  • China's Hoop Dreams

    Thanks to the international success of players like Yao Ming, street basketball is a phenomenon in urban China
    Photographs for TIME by Daniele Dainelli / Contrasto More »

  • Boxing Out of Poverty and Prison in Thailand

    For some, boxing has become a hard-won ticket out of a life of crime in Thailand
    Photographs for TIME by Philip Blenkinsop/NOOR More »

  • Future Sport

    Don't call them dweebs. In South Korea, computer-game players are serious athletes driving a sport that is reaching big-money sponsors and millions of spectators worldwide
    Photographs for TIME by Kemal Jufri / Imaji More »

  • Parkour: An Urban Adventure

    Part gymnastics, part Tai Chi, parkour brings thrills and discipline to enthusiasts
    Photographs for TIME by Philippe Dudouit More »

  • China's Olympic Ambitions

    TIME's Hannah Beech travels to China's athletic training schools to witness the grueling grooming of the country's next generation of medal contenders
    Photographs for TIME by Ian Teh More »

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