TIME's Summer Journey

Photography for TIME by Colin Campbell. Digitally altered

We Are What We Eat

From seaweed to chicken and chili, our food — how we find it, cook it and eat it — tells the story of the modern world More »

  • Photos: On the road with Jean-Georges

    Fusion pioneer Jean-Georges Vongerichten never stops testing culinary boundaries. On the road with the busiest chef in the biz. Photographs for TIME by Mark Peterson More »

  • Photos: Espresso Italiano

    TIME spends a day in one of Rome's famous and fabulous coffee bars, and discovers why Starbucks struggle to gain a foothold in the land of the barista. Photographs for TIME by Davide Monteleone / Contrasto More »

  • Photos: Galician Village

    A vanishing way of life. Carmen Iglesias de Filgueiras, 95, in her the living room of her farmhouse, in Vilar, Galicia, where she was born. Photographs for TIME by Jose Luis Lopez de Zubiria More »

  • Video: Inside a Kaiseki Kitchen

    TIME's Aryn Baker goes behind the scenes at a kaiseki restaurant, where Japanese cooking is elevated to a high art More »

  • Photos: The Kitchen Gods

    In the intense, 25-chef kitchen at Kikunoi in Kyoto, Japan, the art of kaiseki is a culinary skill and a way of life. Photographs for TIME by Andreas Seibert / LookatOnline More »

  • Photos: Perfection in 14 Courses

    Growing out of the small dishes served during traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, a kaiseki meal is the highest form of Japanese culinary art. Photographs for TIME by Andreas Seibert / LookatOnline More »

  • Photos: Coming Home to Roost

    In Indonesia, chickens aren't just food: they're an integral part of everyday life. But that symbiosis is complicating efforts to control the nation's outbreaks of avian flu. Photographs for TIME by John Stanmeyer / VII More »

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