A to Z Health Guide 2007

The Year In Medicine

The scientific bulletin of the year may be the stem-cell breakthrough. But 2007 provided a whole alphabet of big medical news. TIME's A-to-Z guide reviews them

By Coco Masters, Alice Park, Carolyn Sayre, Tiffany Sharples, Alexandra Silver and Kate Stinchfield More »

  • What Makes Us Moral

    Morality and empathy are writ deep in our genes. Alas, so are savagery and bloodlust. Science is now learning what makes us both noble and terrible—and perhaps what can make us better More »

  • The Morality Quiz

    Here are some of the dilemmas used to study human morality. Take this quiz to see how you compare to other TIME.com readers More »

  • A-F

    From Autism to Flu More »

  • G-M

    From Gardasil to Migraines More »

  • N-S

    From Naps to Suicide More »

  • T-Z

    From Tuberculosis to Zoledronic Acid More »

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