Triumphs, Troubles and Tea (The Year In Medicine From A To Z)

Every year has its breakthroughs and breakdowns in the science, business and politics of health care. But for all its many controversies, 2005 was a banner year

A-Z Guide to the Year in Medicine (The Year In Medicine From A To Z)

From advances in acupuncture, AIDS and Alzheimer's, to the latest on fish oil, painkillers, Parkinson's and whether tea is good for you, all the way to the memory-enhancing powers of zinc, here is everything you need to know about the year's biggest news in medicine, by the letter

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Stalking the Day Laborers

Border-patrolling Minutemen turn inland in their fight against illegal immigrants. What's the real goal?



The NFL's Royal Family

The Manning brothers had a great role model, but they learned to win with very different styles


Best Children's Books of 2005 (Time Bonus Section December 2005: Connections)

TIME selects the year's top titles for kids—just in time for your holiday shopping

The Best Beauty to Go (Time Bonus Section December 2005: Connections)

Single-use cosmetics prove that good things come in small packets

The Empty Seat (Time Bonus Section December 2005: Connections)

Therapist Pauline Boss on how to cope when a loved one is gone or not fully there for the holidays


How GM Can Fix Itself

With labor costs bogging it down and Toyota in the passing lane, the world's biggest automaker is in trouble. Will its CEO do the overhaul it needs?


Books Vs. Movies

In the beginning was the word. Later came the film. And now comes the fight over which is better

Peanuts in the Gallery

Comics, slowly becoming appreciated as literature, are being celebrated in museums too




A Concrete Idea: Raising New Roofs (Innovators / Housing: Forging the Future)

Whether it's for disaster relief or relief from urban sprawl, these housing designers have ingenuity nailed down