Confirmation Bear Traps

As Democrats get set to bloody some of Bush's Cabinet nominees, the divided Senate faces its first test

In The Crosshairs

Four of Bush's more conservative Cabinet choices face opposition from Democrats hoping to bruise the President-elect. Herewith the lineup--and the big targets

Blasting the Crusader

Why the Army's newest and biggest gun may become a target for Bush's Defense Department

Shall We Dance?

John McCain puts Bush on the spot with a campaign-reform bill the President-elect can't stand

When ELF Comes Calling

A radical environmentalist group expands from its Western haunts, staking a claim in the Northeast


The Work Of Assassins

From both sides of the intifadeh, high-tech hit squads and low-tech vigilantes wield street justice

Secrets of the Square

Smuggled out of China, The Tiananmen Papers shows Beijing's nervous leaders at a dangerous time


Brave New Pharmacy (The Future Of Drugs)

Using high-speed robots and the secrets of the human genome, scientists are changing forever the way they discover new medicines

The Antibiotics Crisis (The Future Of Drugs)

We're in the midst of an escalating arms race with the microbe, and we may be losing

Beyond Needles And Pills (The Future Of Drugs)

Drug reactions kill tens of thousands of patients each year. Part of the problem is how the medicine is being delivered

Penne From Heaven (Food)

In an era of kitchen showboats, Mario Batali is a back-to- basics master. Just ignore the shorts

The Hunt For Cures: AIDS (The Future Of Drugs / The Hunt For Cures)

Still No Vaccine, but Better Antiviral Drugs Are on the Way


Orange County Confidential (Crime)

The double murder on a desolate California road appeared unsolvable. Then the cops got a break

Lost On The Campus (Behavior)

More mentally ill students can cope with college. But what happens to the ones who can't?


Buzzing About Safety

The latest studies say there is no cell-phone risk, but many users are making their own decisions about taking precautions




Power To The People

As California battles just to keep the lights on, heartland homeowners pay dearly to stay warm

Rebirth Of The Z

Putting Nissan back on the road to success is no easy task, but maybe a blast from the past will help

A Nasty Turn For Ford?

An Explorer rollover lawsuit tries to show that the Firestone crisis is not just about tires


Cinema: Top Performers (The Arts / Cinema)

We like these films. But what we really love is what these actors do in them. Each is worth keeping your eye on--now, at Oscar time and beyond

Music: Call Of The Child (The Arts / Music)

Firings. Lawsuits. And five Grammy nods. Beyonce and Destiny's Child are pop's most-buzzed-about vocal group

Music: Chicks, Not From Dixie (The Arts / Music)

German band Chicks on Speed is making noise in Europe and in the press. Will Americans listen?

Books: More from a Master (The Arts / Books)

Five previously unpublished short stories by the late Raymond Carver attest to his lasting genius

Three Sisters (The Arts / Short Takes)

NBC, Tuesdays, 9:30 p.m. E.T.


The Blame Game (Personal Time / Your Money)

Analysts missed the tech meltdown. They should have known better, but shouldn't you too?

Seeking Radio Me (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Are there music stations that broadcast only the tunes you like? Yes, but most just give you static

Don't Pass the Salt (Personal Time / Your Health)

Cutting back on sodium is a good idea if you have hypertension. And even if you don't