Tell Me How This Ends?

Either Clinton or Obama is going to capture the Democratic nomination. But how? A look at three possible scenarios shows why they could brawl all the way to Denver


Israel: The First 60 Years

Photojournalist David Rubinger's photos show the rich history of a nation driven by hope and faith, marked by war, and still struggling fitfully toward a normal existence


To Lose Face, Or Lose Contracts? (Commentary)

France's criticism of China recalls its anti-U.S. stance on Iraq, but with hints of vulnerability and ambivalence


Postcard: Berlin

Germans are at odds over the future of an airport that was built by the Nazis but played a key role in the defense of democracy. Berliners enjoy the anarchic debate


Long-Distance Calling (Telecoms)

Telenor has a rich history as Norway's top phone company, but it's seeking much of its future in Asia


Thinking Big (On Show)

A new museum gives China's avant-garde a wider stage

Steamy Scenes (Diversions)

Get ready for the biggest thing to hit sauna design in centuries: windows

The Butler Did It (Check In)

At the exclusive St. Regis Singapore, nothing is too much to ask

One Night in Taipei (TIME Traveler)

Let locals in the know give you the lowdown on the bustling Taiwanese capital