Tell Me How This Ends? (The Well / Campaign '08)

Either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is going to capture the Democratic nomination. But how? A look at three possible scenarios shows why they could brawl all the way to Denver

The Players

How the superdelegates break may depend on this Gang of Six

Understanding Black Patriotism (The Well / Viewpoint)

Black leaders are often labeled unpatriotic. But African Americans have long shown their love of country by pointing out its imperfections

Getting Off the College Waitlist (Life: Education - Power Of One - Fit Nation / Education)

More college applicants are being told "maybe." A guide to getting in off the waitlist


The Light of Death

We try not to look too closely. But the day I lost my father, I found the gifts that grief can bring


Why China's Burning Mad (The Well / World)

A virulent nationalism is ignited by foreign media, pro-Tibet protests, even France — just in time for the Olympics

Poland's Anne Frank (Book Excerpt)

The newly uncovered diary of a Jewish girl living under Nazi occupation is a poignant account of stark brutality and teenage desire

Postcard: Bangalore (Postcard: Bangalore)

Hearts set on joining the global economy, Indian IT workers are brushing up on their interpersonal skills. Teaching India's techies how to win friends and influence people


Ever Green. (The Moment)

In a climate-conscious world, Earth Day has become a day like any other


Keeping Our Daughters Active (Fit Nation)

Record numbers of girls are playing organized sports. But once they quit, staying fit becomes a struggle




Three for the Road (Pursuits: Travel - Modern Classics - Collecting / Modern Classics)

Motorcycle companies are revamping the standard two-wheeler in surprising ways

Flights of Fancy (Pursuits: Travel - Modern Classics - Collecting / Collecting)

Connoisseurs of Finnish art glass cannot get enough of Oiva Toikka's charming birds

Over in the Meadows (Travel)

Italian luxury executive Pier Luigi Loro Piana scours the antipodes for the world's finest wool


The TIME 100

To help select the world's most influential people, previous honorees offer their nominations when asked, Who should be on this year's list?