The Best of Asia

Asia is a constellation of rich experiences, unforgettable places and cultural quirks. Every year, we choose the brightest stars and share them with you. Whether you seek diversions for Mind, Body or Soul you'll find them here

Best for the Mind

A dusty repository of ancient arcana, a stately pleasure dome and one very big fish

Best for the Body

Hitting the slopes after dark and making your funeral eco-friendly

Best for the Soul

The road less traveled in Afghanistan, an explosion of orchids in Thailand and the passion of Christ in the Philippines


Why China's Burning Mad

A virulent nationalism sweeps the country as Chinese feel slighted--by foreign media, pro-Tibet protesters, even France. Is this any way to welcome the world to the Olympics?


Bowing Out (The Moment)

The resignation of Samsung's mighty chairman could bring change to Asia Inc.


Shrinking Democrats (In The Arena)

As the race drags on, Obama and Clinton are diminishing each other, turning a big campaign into a small one


The Timeless 100 (Books)

A new translation reveals why Japan's most famous poetry collection is so enduring


Thinking Big (On Show)

A new museum gives China's avant-garde a wider stage

Steamy Scenes (Diversions)

Get ready for the biggest thing to hit sauna design in centuries: windows

The Butler Did It (Check In)

At the exclusive St. Regis Singapore, nothing is too much to ask

One Night in Taipei (TIME Traveler)

Let locals in the know give you the lowdown on the bustling Taiwanese capital