Heroes of the Environment

From activists to tycoons, politicians to inventors, these remarkable people offer hope for the future


Mikhail Gorbachev (Leaders & Visionaries)

Faced with the cold war's disastrous ecological legacy, he saw that the Soviet Union had to change its ways

David Attenborough (Leaders & Visionaries)

Hundreds of millions around the world have watched his nature shows, beguiled by his infectious, childlike joy at the variety of life

Lee Myung Bak (Leaders & Visionaries)

Renouncing Seoul's polluted past, he showed cities around the world a greener path to development

Al Gore (Leaders & Visionaries)

A tireless campaigner with unerring vision, Gore has sparked a global movement with his inconvenient truths

Janine Benyus (Leaders & Visionaries)

Taking her inspiration from nature's ingenuity, she helped launch a design revolution

Tommy Remengesau Jr. (Leaders & Visionaries)

The President of Palau is heading a campaign to save the Pacific Islands from the threat of climate change

José Goldemberg (Leaders & Visionaries)

A research paper he wrote in the 1970s heralded the great promise of harvesting ethanol from sugarcane to produce a clean, renewable fuel

Prince Charles (Leaders & Visionaries)

Once mocked for his green beliefs, the Prince of Wales is now lauded as a pioneering eco-farmer

James Lovelock (Leaders & Visionaries)

The Gaia theorist conceived of the earth as a living system and charged us all to look after it

Robert Redford (Leaders & Visionaries)

In making his cause the environment, the movie star set a celebrity trend

David Suzuki (Leaders & Visionaries)

A geneticist-turned-broadcaster has introduced millions to the wonders of the natural world

Barnabas Suebu (Leaders & Visionaries)

Papua's Governor aims to combat poverty by protecting the region's unrivaled biodiversity

Angela Merkel (Leaders & Visionaries)

Having led the push for Kyoto, Germany's Chancellor isn't about to let up now


Frederic Hauge (Activists)

How a Norwegian pragmatist makes big waves among corporate and political leaders

Wang Canfa (Activists)

China's environmental conscience uses the law to fight for pollution victims' rights

Olga Tsepilova (Activists)

Courageous in the face of injury and intimidation, she dispelled the cloud of secrecy around Russia's nuclear legacy

Von Hernandez (Activists)

One man's bid to stem the relentless tide of toxic trash in the Philippines

Wangari Maathai (Activists)

A Kenyan woman plants millions of trees, takes on a President and wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Christine Loh (Activists)

The former trader is now a unique resource for policy proposals in the southern China boom zone

Benjamin Kahn (Activists)

When the reef of his childhood began to die, an Israeli businessman figured out how to revive it

Karl Ammann (Activists)

His shocking photographs expose the abuse of animals in the hope that shame will halt it

Hammer Simwinga (Activists)

To combat poaching, he realized that hunters had to be offered a better way to make a living


Mystery Man

He's famed as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, but Conan Doyle's letters show the scope of his ambitions


A'jad in the Big Apple (Inbox)

Change for a Fiver; Wooed by a Worm; Race for Resources; What Would Jesus Censor?


Toyota Prius Design Team (Scientists & Innovators)

Ten years ago Toyota launched a gasoline-electric hybrid; the fuel-sipping Prius has since set the environmental standard

Tim Flannery (Scientists & Innovators)

Crusader, teacher, activist, academic, author, fossil hunter and explorer extraordinaire

Theo Colborn (Scientists & Innovators)

At age 80, she continues to blaze a trail with her work on the health effects of pollution

Chip Giller (Scientists & Innovators)

Founder of a website that changes minds about the environment with mordant wit instead of earnest gloom

James Hansen (Scientists & Innovators)

Pressure from the White House could not silence this scientist-statesman

D.P. Dobhal (Scientists & Innovators)

A glaciologist ascends the mighty Himalayas with bamboo rods to gauge the earth's fever

Norman Myers (Scientists & Innovators)

From groundbreaking researcher to government consultant, a career of posing new questions

Paul Crutzen (Scientists & Innovators)

He led the charge on ozone depletion. Now the Nobel winner offers up a radical proposal to counter climate change

Abul Hussam (Scientists & Innovators)

Using iron, sand and charcoal, a chemistry professor found a simple way to purify poisoned water

George Schaller (Scientists & Innovators)

A legendary biologist fosters man's soulful connection with animals in order to protect wildlife


Tulsi Tanti (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

Wind power saved his first factory. Now he wants to harness it to help save the world

Jeffrey Immelt (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

Repositioning General Electric to prove that "green is green"

Amory B. Lovins (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

Teaching corporations that going green is better for the bottom line

Ray Anderson (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

The carpet king who helps forge eco-friendly business practices

Richard Sandor (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

The father of carbon trading used the power of the market to cut greenhouse-gas emissions

Shi Zhengrong (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

The kid from rural China who made Suntech a solar powerhouse and himself a billionaire

Ahmet Lokurlu (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

An engineer harnesses the sun's energy and turns it into something cool

Richard Branson (Moguls & Entrepreneurs)

The high-flying tycoon and adventurer who's trying to leave a cleaner mark on the world


Times Past (Style Watch)

Japanese watchmaker Haruo Suekichi crafts one-of-a-kind timepieces that recall the mechanical fantasies of the Victorian era

Higher Education (Diversions)

In-flight tutorials are helping travelers learn the local lingo before they arrive

Welcome to the Jungle (Great Outdoors)

It's safari season in India. Grab that pith helmet and pack a long lens