The Threatening Storm

How years of misguided policies and bureaucratic bungling left New Orleans defenseless against Katrina — and why it may happen again


Herd of Trouble (World Spotlight)

Foot-and-Mouth rears its ugly head again in the U.K.


The South African Candidate

Despite a colorful past, former Deputy President Jacob Zuma remains a top contender to succeed Thabo Mbeki in leading South Africa



Surrealist Pen Pals

Seven French writers team up with seven Americans to coauthor a book of playfully surreal short stories


China in Italy: Kick Start (Strategy)

How a Chinese company rescued an ailing Italian motorcycle maker — and revved up its own competiveness


Fast Fashion (Next Time You're in ... Tokyo)

Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo brings couture into the age of the convenience store

Uphill Battle (TIME Traveler)

Once off limits, Seoul's Bukak-san is now open to the hiking public

Moscow Moola (Check In)

The new Ritz Carlton hotel is the Russian capital's latest exercise in unbridled excess

Steamy Sessions (Diversions)

The sauna's central role in Finnish society hasn't changed much in generations. But now, you can eat, drink, and even bowl while working up a sweat


The Long Goodbye (Inbox)

Private-Equity Perks; Indelible Class Lines; Canines Vick-timized