Billy Graham, Pastor In Chief (Religion)

A new book reveals what Graham learned — and what he regretted — in his 50-year ministry to U.S. Presidents

Ruth and Billy Graham's Final Farewell (Religion)

In his wife's last moments, Billy Graham knew that medical technology can sometimes simply prolong death, not life


Billy Graham

Graham met with TIME editors Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy at his North Carolina home to talk about his relationship with each of the past 11 Presidents

Photo Essay

America's Pastor

A Photo-biography of the celebrated evangelist


Praying with Presidents

More than 50 years ago, Billy Graham first made the cover of TIME. His life has shaped both politics and religion in America


We've Come Undone (The Well / Nation)

Why we abandoned our bridges and tunnels and how we can put them back together again

Rudy Hits the Heartland (The Well / Nation)

Trailing Mitt Romney in the polls and Fred Thompson in hype, Giuliani decides to care about Iowa after all

Courting Iowa (The Well / Nation)

In the Hawkeye State, candidates hit the diner, man the grill and answer questions--lots and lots of questions


Inside Iraq (Commentary)

The troops in Baghdad are making progress--and are likely to emerge as leaders of a post-9/11 America

Callous About Health Care? (Commentary / Viewpoint)

Here's a simple test for Republican candidates to show whether they have real solutions to the health-care crisis or are just paying lip service


Olympic Fever (The Moment)

Will China be ready for the spotlight, and the scrutiny, that the Games bring?


The War Next Door (The Well / World)

A surge in drug-related violence is terrorizing Mexico and sparking fears that the killing could cross the U.S. border

Photos: Mexico's Drug Wars

Photographer Anthony Suau documents the surging influence of the drug cartels in Northern Mexico and the efforts by police to maintain law and order


Second Life's Real-World Problems (Life: Business - Science - Education - Travel - Environment - Fit Nation / Business)

As this virtual colony grows, lawyers, tax men and troublemakers are crashing the party


Rethinking Organics (Life: Business - Science - Education - Travel - Environment - Fit Nation / Fit Nation)

The way your fruits and vegetables are grown makes a big difference, right? Don't be so sure

Explaining Déjà Vu (Health & Science / Science)

Memory experts find the brain circuit that may be the cause of these eerie experiences

Back to the Tap (Life: Business - Science - Education - Travel - Environment - Fit Nation / Going Green)

Bottled water may be a commercial success story, but the environment pays a very heavy price


Become a Nurse, Get a Tan (Life: Business - Science - Education - Travel - Environment - Fit Nation / Education)

A new Caribbean school helps fill the U.S. nursing shortage

No-Tell Motels (Life: Business - Science - Education - Travel - Environment - Fit Nation / Travel)

Are the innkeepers who advertise their properties as American owned patriots or philistines?