The Enemy Within (Cover / Generation Jihad)

In Europe, alienation, the Internet and anger about the war in Iraq are pushing some young Muslims toward extremism

Welcome to the Hip-Hop Ummah (Generation Jihad / Muslim Rappers)

How young rappers are using their music to popularize a more moderate brand of Islam


Death Comes To Locri (Europe / Italy)

A leading politician is gunned down in Italy's Calabria region, a worrying sign that the local Mafia is growing in confidence and power

Here Comes the Sun (The Future Of Energy)

Freiburg lights the way in Europe's use of renewable energy sources



Her Own Woman

French actress Marilou Berry — like her mom, Josiane Balasko — shines on the silver screen

Going Gaga Over Dada

The spirit of Dadaism prevails at the Pompidou Center in Paris, where a new exhibition attempts to the define the undefinable


A River Runs Through It

Gambia and Senegal's poorly drawn border makes for bad neighbors, and hampers the development of both


Enmeshed (Style Watch)

Innuit know-how has resulted in a new fashion trend worth looking at

My Dad Ate My Homework (Food Chain)

Cooking lessons for kids are fun — and teach the whole family how to eat well

Out Of This World (Long Haul)

Get ready for your chance to really get away from it all