Healthy Aging (Cover / Healthy Aging)

In a TIME exclusive, Dr. Andrew Weil, a U.S. medical professor and guru of wise living, lays out a physical, spiritual and emotional path for growing old with grace

Wellness Diet

The right way to eat to protect against age-related illnesses


In The Line Of Fire

Why the attack on Nalchik by Islamic insurgents signals a disturbing new phase in the Chechen war


Mercedes: A New Model for Germany?

Like the German economy, Mercedes has been buffeted by global competition. But Germany's leaders could learn from the automaker's efforts to get back on track

Small Isn't Smart

The minute commuter car has turned out to be an oversize drain on profits


Bird Flu Wings In (Notebook / Avian Flu)

Turkey and Romania go into crisis mode as H5N1 is found in Europe for the first time


Temple Of Tradition (Next Time You're In ... Thailand)

A Thai coffee chain takes on Starbucks by sticking to its roots

Spring Ahead (Style Watch)

New York unveils hot look for warmer weather


All Systems Are Go! (Music)

How a one-man, no-budget hobby became the popular boy-girl pop sextet, the Go! Team

The Forgotten Victorians (Exhibitions)

A new exhibition of 19th century art reveals a Britain more diverse than many history books suggest