Mirror, Mirror... (Cover story)

Asia's new generatin of males are well-dressed, sensitive guys who aren't ashamed to get a manicure

Drab to Fab (Cover Story)

If you want others to love you, you must love yourself first. Prove your devotion by treating yourself to a makeover. Don't know where to begin? Here's our style guide


Inside the Hermit Kingdom

In a trip to North Korea, TIME finds a nation where small economic reforms are being rolled back as the country retreats into its own world

A Husband's Grief

After losing his wife to cancer, can Malaysia's Prime Minister recover the will to lead?


Dismissing Democracy (Notebook)

China's government speaks out against political reform—just in time for Bush's state visit

Webwatch (Notebook)

Google Earth a Terrorist Tool?

Letters (Notebook)

Did We Create Katrina?


Enmeshed (TIME Global Adviser)

Old Inuit customs bring a new take on sunglasses

My Dad Ate My Homework (TIME Global Adviser)

Cooking lessons for kids are funand teach the whole family how to eat well

Out of this World (TIME Global Adviser)

Start saving those frequent flyer miles for a trip to spaceor as close as you can get