The End

Scientists think they know how the universe began, but what happens at the other end of the space — time continuum was a deep, dark mystery — until now


Ambushed in Europe (Personal Time/Your Technology)

Despite the rioting in Gothenburg and disagreement over Kyoto and missile defense, the presidential trip was far from a total disaster

A Landmark for What?

Surging forward in the elections, Sinn Fein has the trust of many new voters, but old suspicions remain

Behind Rebel Lines

As NATO vacillates over military intervention in Macedonia, ethnic Albanians advance on the capital

Right Side Down

Europe's conservatives need a radical remedy to reverse their chronic decline

Mediterranean Mecca

France's long-neglected second city is on the fast train to a renaissance



Little Brother Wins Big

Ralf Schumacher beats his older brother to emerge as a serious contender on the Formula One circuit


World Watch (Notebook)

A roundup of this week's news from around the globe


Rebels With a Cause

Meet six men and women who are working inside troubled communities and improving the lives of those who live in them

Teaching the Dance of Life

Through dance and her organization EDISCA, Dora Andrade has been able to reach and make an important difference in the lives of large numbers of poor and sometimes desperate young women

Radical Equations

Bob Moses founded the Algebra Project, with a mission to teach algebra in middle school, so students will be prepared to take more advanced classes in high school

Driving Cells Off The Freeway

Patricia Pena has become the one clear voice in the crusade to bar cell phone use while driving after her two-year-old daughter was killed

Helping Men, Women, Etc.

Riki Wilchins has been the Executive Director of GenderPAC since 1994 and a queer activist since 1979


Germany's New Recruits

Indian tech workers are the biggest beneficiaries of expedited work permits to plug the country's skills shortages


Look What's Happening

Herbert Ypma has made it his mission to seek out the world's hip hotels, where local culture mixes with intelligent design

Gergiev: Maestro on A Mission

Russia's gifted and controversial director has taken the Mariinsky Theater to new heights of musical accomplishment

Closer to the Bone

Patrick Marber's new play, Howard Katz, confirms his status as Britain's hottest young playwright