Shu Perstar!

Taiwanese megastar Shu Qi may finally get to make art she can feel proud of


Power and Gloria

The Abu Sayyaf have started killing hostages, but Philippine President Arroyo is standing firm

Log On to the Dark Side

Channel 2 has become an online magnet for Japan's malcontents — and its violent criminals



Kwest For Kawaii

Why Tokyo teenyboppers are now Asia's most sought-after designers



Teaching the Dance of Life (Innovators)

Through dance and her organization EDISCA, Dora Andrade has been able to reach and make an important difference in the lives of large numbers of poor and sometimes desperate young women

Radical Equations (Innovators)

Bob Moses founded the Algebra Project, with a mission to teach algebra in middle school, so students will be prepared to take more advanced classes in high school

Driving Cells Off The Freeway (Innovators)

Patricia Pena has become the one clear voice in the crusade to bar cell phone use while driving after her two-year-old daughter was killed

Helping Men, Women, Etc. (Innovators)

Riki Wilchins has been the Executive Director of GenderPAC since 1994 and a queer activist since 1979