History Repeats Itself

Tony Blair wins another landslide and drives William Hague into oblivion. Is there a euro in Britain's future?

Rebel With a Cause

Author, wit and scourge of sacred cows, Christopher Hitchens takes on global heavyweight Henry Kissinger


Better Luck This Time

President Khatami may have won a second term, but Supreme Leader Khamenei could block reform


Mercedes Vs. BMW

The world's luxury-car leaders are debating how big a company has to get to afford the new technologies their customers demand

Trouble in the Air

A top French investor lets experts run his airline, but now the deal is experiencing some turbulence

A Case of Sour Grapes

French villagers strike a blow against globalization, though they may end up as the biggest losers

Work on the Wild Side

With "economic kidnappings" on the rise, London is home to a booming trade in ransom insurance


Endangered Art

Africa's cultural treasures are now prized by collectors and connoisseurs the world over, but this popularity is fueling looting and illicit sales

A Legacy of Looting

Some of Africa's finest treasures have spent the last century in European museums

Baroque 'n' Roll

With its latest album '10,000 Hz Legend', French band Air reinvents pop music for the 21st century


Mugabe's Bad Medicine

The President suffers a series of setbacks as three henchmen die and the economy heads for disaster


World Watch (Notebook)

This week's news from around the world