Asia's Overscheduled Kids (Cover Story)

Forget about playtime. Children today are caught up in an endless race of extra tuition sessions, tennis classes, piano lessons, late-night homework and much, much more. Are we preparing them for success or overloading them with stress?


A Brief History of Globalization

The tides of trade and investment between nations have ebbed and flowed for centuries. Is the world about to enter a period when borders are closed?

Mind The Gap

Tension between Washington and Beijing is rising as the U.S. trade deficit soars

Solar Flare

Shares of Taiwanese solar-cell makers are hot, for now


Plucked in Their Prime (Curtain Raiser)

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain takes the quirky four-string mainstream

Do Calcium Pills Work? (Your Health)

Separating fact from fiction on the benefits of calcium and vitamin D supplements



Lost in Transition (Books)

A rediscovered classic by Nobuo Kojima captures Japan's confusion as it lurched toward modernity

The Spice of Life (Books)

An irresistible new book about curry reveals the surprising mix of cultures that has lent it flavor


Ready To Explode (Notebook)

The causes of recent violence in Indonesia's remote Papua go beyond the province's contentious gold mine