genM: The Multitasking Generation (Cover Story / genM)

They're e-mailing, IMing and downloading while writing the history essay. What is all that digital juggling doing to kids' brains and their family life?


The Politics of Fat

Experts say our expanding girth is killing us and costing the health-care system billions. But is this a problem government can solve? Or should?

A Legal Loose Cannon

How does a government lawyer on the Moussaoui case commit a blunder so basic in a trial so big?

Was the War Worth It? (Time Forum / March 20, 2003 - March 20, 2006)

Three years into the Iraq war, TIME posed the question to a wide array of experts and thinkers. The answers may surprise you



Twilight In Italy (World / italy vs. china)

What happens when a traditional European industry faces Asian competition? A crisis. Welcome to Manzano, Italy's chair capital

Italy vs. China: Sitting Pretty (Time Bonus Section April 2006: Global Business / italy vs. china)

China's chairmaking industry is booming. But that doesn't mean staying on top will be easy

Small Business: Heelys Wheel Ahead (Time Bonus Section April 2006: Global Business / small business)

The small Texas shoe firm is trying to control its global expansion. That means tackling cheap knockoffs and problem partners

investing: Hot Property (Time Bonus Section April 2006: Global Business / investing)

The boomer real estate boom reaches Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua

change agent: Speeding Up Renault (Time Bonus Section April 2006: Global Business / change agent)

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan's savior, is pushing the French automaker to get into gear



Environment: A Crude Warning (Environment)

The largest oil spill in Alaska's North Slope raises sticky questions about future drilling in the Arctic

Health: Mind over Medicine (Health)

Hypnosis as an alternative to sedation is making a comeback in the operating room. Here's how it works


The Spy in Your Pocket

Any private eye or vandal can buy your mobile-phone records. And it's all legal—so far


Gandalf in Greasepaint (Theater)

The Lord of the Rings musical (yep, musical) moves heaven and Middle-earth to do the trilogy justice

Books: The Unholy Alliance (Books)

Kevin Phillips believes the U.S. is threatened by a combination of petroleum, preachers and debt





Lobbyists in Love

With power couples, conflict of interest is what makes them interesting