The Next Big Thing Is Us (Cover Story)

Big, bold ideas used to come from small groups of experts. Now they come from you as well. Here's our annual look at what's new and innovativefrom politics to movies, medicine to fashion, sports to tech


Should Thaksin Stay?

His critics demand that he quit. But Thailand's Thaksin Shinawatra vows to seek a fresh electoral mandate. TIME asks a range of observers whether he is still the right man to lead his nation


Retro Tech, Unplugged (Notebook)

A new law against outdated electronics has Japan's tech fetishists up in arms

Letters (Notebook)

Googling Google


Powder to the People

China, where keeping warm was once the only winter sport, is discovering the snob appeal of skiing


Trouble All Around

It isn't just Israel that Hamas has to worry about. Fatah won't do the new guys favors


Check In (TIME Global Adviser)

Stopovers with Style

Spa Trek (TIME Global Adviser)

Far-flung Kyrgyzstan is the setting for cut-price spa holidays