Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005 (Cover Story)

An epic life of mystic faith and unyielding principle finds its end in a teaching about Christian Death

A Defender of the Faith (Cover Story)

A 20th century giant, John Paul II used modern tools to defend traditional beliefs, and changed both his church and the world

The Men Who Might Be Pope (Cover Story)

It is not a matter of filling John Paul's shoes; there will never be another quite like him. But a lively field of papabili, ranging from moderate to ultraconservative, includes several highly qualified prelates: no Americans, but Italians, Latin American


Deadly Ground

A deadly quake shows how warning systems have improved since the Dec. 26 tsunami, and how far they have still to go


Ganging up on Burma (Notebook)

With the junta in line to take over chairmanship of ASEAN, members are speaking out about its human rights abuses

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

How We Can Help the Poor



Art's New Frontier (TIME Global Adviser)

Korea's DMZ is aiming to become a new center for arts tourism

Diet Bake-Off (TIME Global Adviser)

Which diet works best, researchers now say, might depend on personal taste

Beauty and the Yeast (TIME Global Adviser)

Japan's brewers are finding a surprising new use for sake

Malaysian Sensation (TIME Global Adviser)

The new Four Seasons Langkawi brims with local flavors