Resurrection (Cover Story)

The world sent billions of dollars to help survivors rebuild their lives. Are they getting the money?

Healing Hands (Cover Story)

Overcoming the trauma that follows disaster requires professional counseling, faith and hard work

It Took a Village (Cover Story)

A Sri Lankan community tries to piece itself back together after the horror


Options Under Water

A massive hydroelectric dam could generate much-needed income. But is it worth the environmental cost?


A Day in a Dictator's Life (TIME Global Adviser)

Romanian strongman Nicolae Ceausescu gets the vaudeville treatment in a new play

Drawn From Life (TIME Global Adviser)

The De Chirico House-Museum is an intimate portrait of the artist

Check In (TIME Global Adviser)

A Gym of One's Own



Follow the Leader (Notebook)

Kyrgyzstan's leader was ejected following protests over contested elections

Bones of Contention (Notebook)

Pyongyang returned to Japan the cremated ashes and bone fragments of the abductee

Banned in Beijing (Notebook)

Several E.U. members sidle away from a deal to lift the embargo on selling arms

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters: How We Can Help the Poor (Notebook)

The response to the cover story on economist Jeffrey D. Sachs' ideas for ending extreme poverty was highly emotional, as readers expressed sorrow for the plight of the world's poor as well as resentment about helping those who can't seem to help themselves