Lessons of the Schiavo Battle

What the bitter fight over a woman's right to live or die tells us about politics, religion, the courts and life itself

Choosing Their Time

The next contentious end-of-life issue: assisted suicide. How Oregon offers a way out

Timeline: The Legal Struggle

For the nation, it has been a short-term drama. But for Terri Schiavo's husband and family, it has been 15 years of anguish, accusations and court battles.


The Devil in Red Lake

Jeff Weise lost his parents but had close friends. So why did he shoot and kill his granddad and eight others?


A Jihadist's Tale

How a young Jordanian left his American life and died an insurgent in Iraq


Living with the Desert (Environment)

Can we learn to love this landscape without killing it? Here's how one Arizona community found a way

Secrets of the Shy (Behavior)

Why so bashful? Science finds something complex--and cunning--behind the curtain


21 years ago in TIME (Milestones)

The eccentricities of MICHAEL JACKSON were only beginning to be apparent back in 1984, when his album Thriller was a hit and TIME put him on the cover

Silk Plants and Air Security (Notebook)

The Transporation Security Administration is accused of overspending and mismanagement in its new headquarters

The Cost of a Commute (Notebook / U.S. Snapshot)

Tight budgets are cramping public transportation across the country

The Reform Action Figure (In The Arena)

Schwarzenegger is going to war against the special interest groups that dominate the Democratic majority in the statehouse.



An Ivy Stepladder

Two-year colleges, the blue collars of academia, have a new mission: giving a boost to top scholars


Movies: Dear Diary: Action! (Movies)

Ever wanted to know what it's like on a movie set? Directors are revealing all in online journals

Books: Sex and the Sacred (Books)

A bittersweet novel of midlife crisis and forbidden love from the author of The Secret Life of Bees



What I Really Want To Do Is...

Everyone knows that Clint Eastwood directs. But Ben Affleck? This fall he will head up his first feature, Gone, Baby, Gone. He's one of a crop of younger actors, some of whose stars have waned, to get behind the camera.


Letters: Apr. 4, 2005

The response to the cover story on economist Jeffrey D. Sachs' ideas for ending extreme poverty was highly emotional, as readers expressed sorrow for the plight of the world's poor and anger at the low level of U.S. foreign aid as well as resentment about helping those who can't seem to help themselves


Teens Wanted (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Connections)

Adopt an adolescent? Yes, there are families crazy and loving enough to take that on

Test-Prep Diet (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Connections)

A smart food strategy is a must for the new SAT

Body & Mind: Belly-Dance Boom (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Connections / Body & Mind)

Sure, it's exotic and sexy, but new fans of this dance form are finding it's also a great way to stay in shape

Sonograms R Us (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Connections)

Preview your baby at the mall? Doctors worry about the risks

Conversation: No Fear of Family (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Connections / Conversation)

Erica's daughter Molly Jong-Fast depicts an almost famous childhood