The Decency Police

A year after Janet Jackson, activists and Congress are revving up their drive to clean up the airwaves. Now cable may be next. Has TV gone too far--or have its critics?

We Hate It! We Want It! (Time Poll: Watching Television)

Americans find TV too risque, according to the results of a TIME poll, but that doesn't mean that they, personally, are offended. And while most want a stricter FCC, they don't back a ban on smutty content


Condi on the Rise

The new Secretary of State is dazzling audiences abroad--and outmaneuvering her rivals at home


When Bad Bugs Go Good

In the ultimate inside job, cancer doctors are now recruiting—and rejiggering—microbes to destroy malignant cells from within


Prescription for Crime

Illegal pills have sparked a wave of thefts and criminality that rural towns just can't handle


Her Turn to Pray

A historic service signals a new push by Muslim women to reclaim their rights in the mosque


Hall of Shame

Hearings leave a legend stained, a commissioner under fire and a game still under suspicion



A New High Flyer (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Global Business / Airlines)

Most of the world's airlines are cash squeezed, but Emirates is rolling in it

Phone Sense (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Global Business / World Briefing)

Switzerland: A Biotech First (Business / World Briefing)

Roche Diagnostics will soon be ready to ship the first FDA-approved DNA diagnostic chips to labs in the U.S.

Capitalist Tools (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Global Business / Rainmakers)

A group of pioneering bankers and investors is guiding China through its economic rebirth with money and business know-how

A Bull on Wheels (Time Bonus Section April 2005: Global Business / Driving)

The new Lamborghini is a menacing machine


The Eternal Optimist

John Kerry is on the road again, listing excuses for losing in 2004 and looking like a 2008 campaigner

The New Tax Trap

Watch out: the alternative minimum tax is sneaking up on you. Here's why

Charity, D.C. Style

Are some nonprofits really in the lobbying business? TIME looks at a U.S.-Korea group now under scrutiny


From Zap to Zzzzz

Once the hottest stock around, Taser has taken a nose dive over safety concerns and slowing growth


How Does '80s Art Look Now? (Art)

A new retrospective of work by Jean-Michel Basquiat raises the question, How much of value did that big decade leave behind?





Embattled Ivy (Notebook)

Some of the hot-button issues raising temperatures on campus these days

Stem-cell struggles (Notebook / U.S. Snapshot)

The fierce battle over embryonic stem-cell research didn't end with the 2004 election

Death With Indignity (Notebook)

A flurry of legislation brings Terri Schiavo's fate to a national debate

Psychological Torture? (Notebook)

How big a role should mental-health experts play in military interrogations?