A World of Hurt (Cover | Health)

Chronic pain can destroy lives, shatter careers, ruin relationships and cruelly dismantle a sufferer's personality. Scientists seeking ways to alleviate the torment are finding new answers — and not all of them are pills


Opening a Closed Shop (Europe | Employment)

Creating a single market for the service sector could boost growth and create jobs. So why are so many people against it?

Size Doesn't Matter (Europe | Italy)

Italy's feisty small parties are throwing their weight around, rocking Silvio Berlusconi's fragile coalition


Château China 2005

Determined to overcome a reputation for noxious wine, the Chinese dream of producing classic vintages

Scoring with Gol (Global Business | Brazil)

How a start-up Brazilian discount carrier is grounding the competition

Trading Places (Global Business | Viewpoint)

Recent rulings put the embattled WTO on the same side as its critics


Desperate Measures

Gerhard Schröder plans to cut Germany's corporate taxes, but it may not be enough to create new jobs


Emergency Room

Fewer U.S. troops are dying in Iraq compared to previous wars, in large part due to the rapid evacuation of casualties to the U.S. medical facility in Landstuhl, Germany. TIME visits the hospital where wounded soldiers come to heal



Gods and Monsters (Arts | Exhibitions)

Blockbuster exhibitions that trace the artistic influence of one painter on another are all the rage. The BaconPicasso show in Paris reveals why


Peak Performance (Global Adviser | Time Traveler)

Some of Asia's most famous summits are surprisingly accessible

It's All the Raj (Global Adviser | Amuse Bouche)

A new book gives Indian food a contemporary makeover

Idol Pleasures (Global Adviser | Check In)

Grab the keys to a hotel unlike any other

Planet Of The Apes (Global Adviser | Diversions)

Come face to face with some long lost relatives

Hidden Gem (Global Adviser | Next Time You're In ... Chile)

Hard bargaining for precious stones in Santiago


Switching Sides? (Notebook | France)

Home grown political pressures encourage more French people to consider voting against the E.U. constitution