A Defender of the Faith (Cover Story)

A 20th century giant, John Paul II used modern tools to defend traditional beliefs, and changed both his church and the world

Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005 (Cover Story)

An epic life of mystic faith and unyielding principle finds its end in a teaching about Christian Death

The Men Who Might Be Pope (Cover Story)

It is not a matter of filling John Paul's shoes; there will never be another quite like him. But a lively field of papabili, ranging from moderate to ultraconservative, includes several highly qualified prelates: no Americans, but Italians, Latin American



Dueling over the Dead

A prominent rock-art expert and an Aboriginal group are at loggerheads over the fate of unburied bones


Meet the Neighbors (Arts/Exhibition)

Two Australian photographers plunge lens first into the colors and contrasts of a vibrant but troubled country


Deadly Mercy Mission (Notebook)

The Australian navy supply ship H.M.A.S. Kanimbla was in Singapore on March 29