Encountering Anguish and Anxiety Across America (Cover)

On a road trip across the U.S., Joe Klein encounters frustrated voters and a unanimous sense that Washington is broken beyond repair

Scenes from a Midterm Election Roadtrip

Photographer Peter van Agtmael accompanies TIME's Joe Klein on a cross-country trip to take the political pulse of the electorate prior to the 2012 midterms


The Uncertainty Principle (Commentary / The Curious Capitalist)

Business blames the lack of hiring on a lack of clarity in federal policy. That's nonsense


Meet Fred Davis: The GOP's Hottest Mad Man (The Well / Nation)

Political spots have taken a strange and entertaining turn now that Fred Davis, a guy based in Hollywood with a penchant for animals and inflatable heads, has become the go-to Republican adman

Inside the Mind of Political Ad Guru Fred Davis

Fred Davis' attention-grabbing political videos, featuring demon sheep, Britney Spears and Barack Obama, have made him the most sought-after ad maker for conservative candidates in this season's midterm elections

When Bullying Turns Deadly: Can It Be Stopped? (The Well / Technology)

In the past four weeks, four teenagers killed themselves after being harassed by schoolmates. Technology is quickly changing how kids bully one another. Here are some ways to stop the problem




Two Takes on the Schools Crisis (Tuned In)

This fall, a pair of new reality shows tackle the public-education crisis — one with makeovers, one with Tony Danza


Between The Sheets (Life / Behavior)

A new sex study indicates unmarried boomers behave more recklessly than teens

Power of One (Life)

Using worms, molasses and engineering expertise, Richard Fuller is cleaning up toxic pollution in the developing world


The Eurotunnel Back on Track (Global Business / Railways)

Eurotunnel, once a paragon of bad projects, sees light in Europe's deregulating railroad sector


10 Questions for Thierry Henry (10 Questions)

The soccer star crossed the Atlantic to join the New York Red Bulls. Thierry Henry will now take your questions



Texas Showdown (Election Preview)

In this race, an unlikely outsider has the inside track