Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin (The Well / Cover Story)

You've heard it for years: to lose weight, hit the gym. But while physical activity is crucial for good health, it doesn't always melt pounds — in fact, it can add them. Here's why


Inside the Fight Against a Flu Pandemic (The Well / Nation)

More than 2 billion people worldwide could get it. Hundreds of schools may shut down. And 160 million Americans will need to be vaccinated — twice

Mapping Swine Flu

Graphic: A look at where it has spread so far — and who is vulnerable

H1N1: How the Virus Works

Graphic: H1N1 is an entirely new virus, but it still works the way past flus have — by invading the body cell by cell. The question is whether our immune systems can respond in time — and before the virus mutates

The Fatal Flaw of Obamacare (The Well / Commentary)

Democrats claim their plans will save money, but they have too many conflicting goals



The China Model (The Well / World)

While the West slumps, China's economy has quickly sprung back to life. What that does — and doesn't — say about the new economic order




Cooking with Gas (Television)

Five simple rules for how to beat the competition and bring home the bacon on Top Chef


Urban Animal Husbandry (Life / Food)

Why a growing number of city folk are turning their backyards into barnyards

Goats in the City

Photos: Urban farmer Novella Carpenter breeds goats and more outside her apartment in Oakland, California

Barnyard Animals in Back Yards

Video: Novella Carpenter raises dwarf goats and chickens at her home in Oakland, Calif. She's written a book on urban animal farming


The Skimmer

Book Review: Imperial by William T. Vollmann