Can Obama Close the Deal on Health Care? (The Well / Cover Story)

As doubt grow about the White House's push for comprehensive reform, the President faces the biggest challenge of his political life. A look at what's at stake for Obama, the health-care system — and you

Obama: 'This Has Been the Most Difficult Test for Me.' (The Well / Interview)

TIME national political correspondent Karen Tumulty, who has been closely covering the health-care debate, sat down with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office to discuss the difficult task of piecing together health-care legislation.


The Avenging Amateur

America is a nation of passionate laymen, and they're our best hope for thriving after the crisis


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An exploding population of voracious Southeast Asian snakes is threatening the endangered fauna of the River of Grass. Florida goes to war against the python


The Skimmer

Review: Annual Medical Spending Attributable to Obesity by Eric A. Finkelstein, Justin G. Trogdon, Joel W. Cohen and William Dietz


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In the searing documentary The Cove, the man who trained Flipper leads a crusade to save dolphins from slaughter

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Swimming, Nicola Keegan's debut novel, understands that life is most interesting at the deep end

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How did a neurotic, self-lacerating stand-up comedian from Long Island conquer Hollywood? He earned it




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Trikke's new electric hybrid still gives you a real workout but also lets you coast home

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