How Not to Get Sick

The Obama Administration wants hospitals, doctors and patients across the country to make a commitment to prevention. That means ditching bad habits, eating right, exercising and spotting danger signs early

A User's Guide To Good Health At Every Age (Special Health Report)

The road to wellness begins in childhood and twists and turns over time. We asked five experts in prevention to give their best advice for staying healthy throughout life

Getting a Checkup in Aisle Three (Special Health Report)

More and more people are seeing their care provider in the same place they shop for groceries and shampoo. Is this good medicine?

Food As Pharma (Special Health Report)

Can eating "functional foods" prevent chronic disease?


Christopher Hill: The Negotiator (The Well / Profile)

Unlike his predecessors, the new U.S. ambassador in Baghdad can't rely on cash and troops to push Washington's interests in Iraq

Where Sonia Sotomayor Really Stands on Race (The Well / Nation)

A controversial speech has complicated Sonia Sotomayor's path to the Supreme Court. But an analysis of her record reveals that when it comes to race, she can be far from predictable

A (Radical) Way to Fix Suburban Sprawl (The Well / Society)

The traffic-jammed town surrounding one of America's biggest malls is being turned into a pedestrian-friendly community. Is this the city of the future?

The Church and Gay Marriage: Are Mormons Misunderstood? (The Well / Religion)

From politics to pop culture, the Church of Latter-day Saints is now a mainstream force. But the church's high-stakes campaign against gay marriage has made it a target. A look at what Mormons believe

Inside a Mormon Ward

Photographer Richard Renaldi visits with the families of the church's Alameda, California ward



Postcard: Tojinbo Cliffs (Postcard: Tojinbo Cliffs)

As recession drives more Japanese to despair, a suicide mecca's self-appointed guardian steps up his watch. Keeping the desperate from going over the edge

The Coldest War (The Well / World)

How a succession crisis put the U.S. and North Korea on a collision course — and why two Americans are caught in the middle

Brown's Blues: Britain's PM on Borrowed Time (The Well / World)

He has survived for now, but amid a scandal over MPs' expenses and following a historic rout in municipal and European polls, time is running out for Britain's Prime Minister. After 12 years, a truculent, angry nation is simply fed up with the Labour Party


Pelham 1 2 3: Riding into the Past (Movies)

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 is a tale of two cities: New York in the '70s and New York today. If only a subway ride still cost 35 cents

Crash Course (Books)

What does it mean when your plane falls out of the sky? Two survivors explore the impact


The Myth Of the Rational Market (The Well / Curious Capitalist)

In 1929, a prominent economist convinced himself that financial markets knew best--and never lived it down. Decades on, scholars, investors and officials repeated the same mistake. The story of why a seductive idea keeps leading us to disaster

The Path of a Powerful Idea

The economics that Irving Fisher espoused should not be discarded. But clearly, there are some issues with it


A Delicate Undertaking (Life / Going Green)

You can save virgin forests by using recycled toilet paper. But how hard is it to make the switch?

King of the Grill (Life / Family Tech)

Viking's ritzy new smoker, plus a little gadget to monitor your grub, lets you achieve perfection


The Rx for Good Health

Prevention is the new watchword, and our annual health issue looks at how to avoid illness rather than just treat it


The Skimmer

Book Review: Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue In the Land of the Free by Charles P. Pierce