How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live (The Well / Cover Story)

Once just a fad, Twitter is developing into a powerful form of communication. What its growth says about us — and the future of American innovation


The Five Big Health-Care Dilemmas (The Well / Nation)

What shape health-care reform takes will depend on how Congress, doctors, patients, insurers and others answer some sticky questions



Postcard from Wichita (Postcard: Wichita)

A controversial Kansas abortionist is gunned down in church. But this prairie town grew tired of that culture war long ago. George Tiller's murder won't change that




Meow (Music)

On its hyped new album, Grizzly Bear doesn't roar so much as purr

Grizzly Bear's New Album

Video: The Brooklyn indie-rock band's new album Veckatimest debuted on the Billboard US Top Ten



The Pre: Palm's Plot to Take on the iPhone (The Well / Technology)

Palm, the company that helped create the smart-phone market, is trying to get back in via the Pre--designed by a former Apple star. There's plenty of intrigue, but can anything really compete with the iPhone?

Palm Pre vs. iPhone

Video: Can the Palm Pre take on the iPhone? Josh Quittner tests one out for answers


Why Americans Are Adopting Fewer Kids from China (Life / Family)

As more Chinese are adopting and with new restrictions in place on which foreigners can adopt, American adoption of Chinese children has dropped by half in the past three years

Too Fat? Read Your E-Mail (Life / Fit Nation)

A new study shows that simple e-mail reminders can prod recipients to eat better and exercise more


Decoding God's Changing Moods (The Well / Religion)

The ancient Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam reveal a pattern--and if we read it correctly, there may be hope for reconciliation and religious harmony


Buying Muslim (Global Business / Marketing)

Firms are discovering that halal isn't a religious constraint--it's a consumer lifestyle

No Souvenirs (Global Business / Thinking Big)

Using RFID, one firm makes sure that sponges don't go home with surgical patients


Technology and Culture

New forms of communication like Twitter are changing the way we relate to one another. It's a good idea to adapt to them