What's Next?

In a changing world, what's next in design, retail and e-commerce

Threads Of Change (Also In This Issue / Global Fashion)

Global fashion executives are forging ties with artisans in East Africa. The result is an upswing in employment and building of local businesses that has the potential to change many lives

Photos: Out Of Africa (Also In This Issue)

It's time to pay tribute to all things tribal, with layers of prints, stacks of bangles and scarves galore

Pop-Up Shopping (Also In This Issue / Retail)

Clemens en August is getting creative — and low cost — to lure customers. It's not alone

The New Gold Standard (Also In This Issue / Fine Jewelry)

Concerned about dwindling resources, fine-jewelry designers are taking a shine to reclaimed gold

Seoul-Seeking (Also In This Issue / Asia)

Despite faltering global economies, the luxury business is still sitting pretty in South Korea's style-conscious capital

Making Scents of It (Notebook Beauty)

Perfume powerhouse Givaudan trains and nurtures the noses that are behind many of the world's most iconic fragrances, from Opium to Angel


The A List (Notebook)

From flips-flops in São Paulo to big bags in Dubai, a look at best-selling beach basics


Perfect Timing (Icon)

Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe has wound its way to the top of the horological world


10 Questions for Victoria Beckham (10 Questions)

The onetime Spice Girl talks to Kate Betts about her new designing life, how she deals with the paparazzi and what it's like to suddenly be a lingerie model


Red Alert

From Queen Elizabeth I to Clara Bow, red lipstick has made an indelible mark on society's evolving definition of glamour

Gilt-y Pleasures (Retail)

Two Harvard grads take their passion for insider shopping online. The idea is clicking

Luxury Goes Low-Key (Asia)

Forget about private jets, pricey art and loud logos. Status symbols these days are either totally out or toned down

Fantastic Plastic

Accessories get a futuristic edge for spring as designers turn to bold new materials like plastic and resin

Loose Ends (Right This Minute)

After a long history in the limelight, fringe swings back into style


A Stitch in Time (Editor's Note)

How to redefine global luxury in this difficult economic climate