The Biology of Belief (Science / Mind & Body)

Science and religion argue all the time, but they increasingly agree on one thing: a little spirituality may be very good for your health


Can Robert Gates Tame the Pentagon? (The Well / Nation)

In his two years as Defense Secretary, Robert Gates has earned high marks for candor and common sense. But curbing the Pentagon's appetite for expensive new weapons could be his biggest challenge yet


A Fresh Start (Commentary)

Climate change offers a chance for the U.S. and China to forge a partnership

I Wrote the Oscars!

Maybe just a little bit of them. And the hugs from Hugh Jackman are all the reward I need


Resisting School Integration in Savannah (Postcard: Savannah)

Facing budget woes, Georgia mulls merging its white and black colleges. This time, many African Americans are saying no. Fighting to keep separate schools separate

Talking and Listening to Iran (The Well / World)

The Obama Administration wants a new relationship with Tehran. A look inside the country shows why that may be hard to achieve

The Warlords of Afghanistan (The Well / World)

With the U.S.-backed government unable to maintain security, local strongmen are wielding more power than ever--and causing ordinary Afghans to lose faith in the West

Abu Dhabi: An Oil Giant Dreams Green (The Well / World)

The gulf emirate of Abu Dhabi got rich on the back of black gold, but its planned carbon-free city could represent the future of environmentalism



How the Oscars Became the Emmys (Movies)

Once again, Hollywood has nominated little films for its big awards. No, not Slumdog Millionaire — that's a breakout hit — but worthy miniatures like Frost/Nixon that look so good on the small screen, they ought to be up for Best TV Special

Pictures of Lily (Music)

The precocious Brit uses her second album to explore the more serious side of pop

A TV Critic in the Post-TV World (The Well / Media)

When TV moves from your living room to your laptop and your phone, how does it change? A critic's look at the big (and little) picture

Short List (Short List)



How to Fix the Housing Market (The Well / Business)

Washington says it wants to help homeowners, but so far it hasn't. Here's what might actually work




Are Hugs the New Handshakes? (Life / Social Norms)

From the White House to The Real World to your office, greetings are getting warm and fuzzy

Should School Districts Drug-Test Teachers? (Life / Education)

Some U.S. school districts require random drug-testing of teachers, and the issue is being increasingly debated across the country. The question is, does drug-testing work?

Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies (Life / Nerd World)

It was designed for college kids. But it took legions of people their parents' age to fulfill its ultimate destiny


Eat Your Greens (Wellness / Eating Green)

Preparing meals with a small carbon footprint is good for the climate and your waistline

Making Good Health Easy (Wellness / Motivation)

Having trouble sticking with those wholesome choices? Maybe your boss can help