The Biology Of Belief (Mind and Body)

Science and religion argue all the time, but they increasingly agree on one thing: a little spirituality may be very good for your health

Faith and Healing: A Forum (Mind and Body / Roundtable)

Three experts — the Rev. George Handzo, a chaplain with the HealthCare Chaplaincy of New York City; Dr. Andrew Newberg, a radiologist and psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania; and Dr. Richard Sloan, a psychiatrist at Columbia University — discuss the role that belief should play in science


Talking and Listening to Iran

The Obama Administration wants a new relationship with Tehran. A look inside the country shows why that may be hard to achieve


Taming the System (The Pentagon)

In his two years as Defense Secretary, Robert Gates has earned high marks for candor and common sense. But curbing the Pentagon's appetite for expensive new weapons could be his biggest challenge yet


Israel's Anger Issues (In The Arena)

The election has strengthened anti-Arab forces who are isolating the country from the world


Evolving Darwin (Genetics)

He recognized how life-forms adapt and survive. But only today are scientists uncovering many of evolution's deepest secrets


Booster Shot (Telecommunications)

China's delayed launch of high-speed cell-phone service could fire up industry sales at a critical time


Wheel Life (Video Games)

It's famous for being violent, but Grand Theft Auto is also a supremely ambitious experiment in storytellin