The Global Ambition of Rick Warren (The Well / Cover Story)

How a charismatic Californian became the closest thing to Billy Graham — and why religion in America won't be the same


The Anthrax Files (The Well / Nation)

The FBI was on the trail of Army scientist Bruce Ivins for years. As investigators closed in, he committed suicide. But how credible was their case?

Have the Clintons Gotten Over It? (The Well / Campaign '08)

Strains between the Clintons and Camp Obama remain, and Hillary may demand a last show of respect at the convention

A Whole New McCain (The Well / Campaign '08)

After months of often feckless campaigning, the Arizona Senator has started throwing heat. What's behind McCain's hardball strategy

How America Decides (Campaign '08)

A TIME poll shows that Evangelicals are sticking with McCain. But they're not excited about it


Open to Debate (In the Arena)

The best way for Obama to defend against the McCain campaign's attacks is to start a real conversation

The Swing Voter (The Awesome Column)

She's old and Jewish and lives in Florida. How I think I got my grandmother to vote for Obama

In Dog We Trust

Picking a President is critical. And so is selecting a canine companion in the White House

Photos: Presidential First Dogs

Man's best friend has been a White House fixture since the Washington administration. A gallery of presidents and their pooches


Why Africa Is Still Starving (The Well / World)

Despite years of food aid, millions are in dire need again. How the world's generosity has helped perpetuate a crisis

Postcard: Greenland (Postcard: Greenland)

Under the glare of the arctic summer, scientists drill through centuries of snow for clues about the future. The search for a polar tipping point


China To Athlete Activist: Stay Out!

Three days before the opening ceremonies, Beijing revoked the visa of Joey Cheek, a former Olympian and Darfur activist. How badly can China bungle its own p.r.?


Solar Power Hits Home (Science And Society / Going Green)

As utility bills go up, new solar-panel financing is helping homeowners mortgage the sun

The War On Sweat (Science And Society / Social Norms)

Is the latest wetness protection coming on too strong?


Giving Birth at Home (Health / Women's Health)

Amid high-tech interventions, old-fashioned labor is gaining appeal

Resistance Stretching (Health / Exercise)

Contract your muscles while stretching them and get a workout worthy of an Olympian


Beer Pong's Big Splash (The Well / Society)

As a college drinking game goes mainstream, young fans are calling it a sport while some campuses and towns consider it a danger



Balls of Fire (Books)

A love story about a burn victim and a delusional goth sculptor! It's so crazy, it just might not work

Sorrow Floats (Books)

For the heroine of this coming-of-age novel, surviving the prom is the easy part

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Appreciation)

The prophetic power and gentle touch of the man who could not be silenced