Staring Down the Russians (The Well / Cover Story)

Zbigniew Brzezinski says the West must show Moscow it won't tolerate any attempt to reassert control over Georgia

The Bear Is Back on The Prowl (The Well / World)

The U.S. warned its ally not to be drawn into a Russian trap. When the fighting started, Georgia didn't stand a chance


The Russians in Ossetia

TIME photographer Yuri Kozyrev travels with Russian units in the separatist enclave


Dark Clouds in Florida for GOP (The Well / Campaign '08)

Miami's three congressional seats have been Republican strongholds. But in a tough year for the GOP, Little Havana can no longer be taken for granted

Not So Funny (The Well / Campaign '08)

Do all those old jokes work against Al Franken in his race for a Senate seat in Minnesota? You betcha

Four-Day School Weeks (Life / Education)

As gas prices go up and bus service eats into school budgets, more districts are starting to cut class

Who Can You Sue? Click Here (Life / Litigation Nation)

A new website aims to hook up people with lawyers who will take their grievances to court. Is this what America needs?


Say No to Class War

There's a new push for affirmative action by social class. As Mao's China showed, it's a terrible idea


Endangered Species: In More Danger

Analysis: The White House's proposed overhaul of the Endangered Species Act is its latest end-run around Congress to undo one of the real success stories of the green movement


Mexico's Cocaine Capital (The Well / World)

In Culiacán, the heart of Mexico's drug country, narco gangs massacre cops and one another — and are celebrated in song


Getting Your Goat (Food)

With the help of a top chef, learning how to grill (and kill) a rising star among American meats

Video: How to Grill (and Kill) a Goat

TIME's Nathan Thornburgh learns the hard way about the reality of goat in America: it's a delicious meat, but sometimes you have to kill it yourself


The Off-Line American (Life / Nerd World)

McCain admits he's a Net newbie. But does that affect whether he should be President?

Point-and-Shoot Shopping (Life / Fashion)

Popular in Japan, camera-phone-based technology could turn U.S. handsets into storefronts


The Great American Yard Sale (The Well / Business)

Beer to buildings, airports to biotech: foreigners are buying U.S. assets on the cheap. It matters more than you think


3-D Movies: Coming Back at You (Movies)

The retro format has been reborn for the digital age. You still need the glasses, but it's a whole new experience

Latin Lovers (Movies)

A fine Spanish romance from a man who sees passion as comedy

Home Thoughts (Architecture)

The past and future of prefab housing

Divided Souls (Books)

Dispatches from the dark side of childhood


Under the Radar (Global Business / Strategy)

How L'Avion, the lone business-class airline start-up to survive, got the critical choices right

Sashimi on Demand? (Global Business / Environment)

As bluefin-tuna numbers plummet, an Australian says he's found a way to farm the migratory fish