It's Not Just Genetics (America The Fit / The Causes)

The rise in childhood obesity is a single problem with a whole lot of causes. Like any epidemic, it hits some groups hard and leaves others mostly alone. Which group your family belongs to depends on income, ethnicity, geography and more

Photo Essay

The Life of a Teenage Cowboy

Photographer Kenneth Jarecke and reporter Jeremy Caplan visit with a young rancher from Montana

School Cuisine (America The Fit / School Lunch)

It can be a real meal or a tray full of trouble, depending on what's on the menu

Overweight Children: Living Large (America The Fit / The Consequences)

Overweight children may be setting themselves up for a lifetime of health problems--if they don't take action now

Kids: Watching What They Eat (America The Fit / A Teen's Day)

From sugary cereals to fruity late-night snacks, a day in the dietary lives of three American teens

Weighty Issues for Parents (America The Fit / The Parents' Role)

Life can be hard for obese kids--and just as hard for their parents. Scolding and diets and tough love usually fail, so where do you turn? There are ways to improve an overweight child's menu, health and self-esteem--but the whole household needs to play a role

Fit at Any Size (America The Fit / Body Image)

Trimmer may still be healthier, but staying active is replacing weight as the true standard of beauty

10 Tips To Get Your Kids Moving (America The Fit / 10 Tips)

Get over the notion of exercise as a chore. Here's how to make activity a fun part of even the most reluctant kid's day


How to Pick a Veep (The Well / Campaign '08)

There's no right way to choose a No. 2. McCain and Obama have to decide what matters most: heft, diversity, party unity, regional balance, buzz — or a combination of all five

Will Obama's Anti-Rumor Plan Work? (The Well / Campaign '08)

The Democratic candidate is turning to the Web to disprove the rumors about his faith, his family and his patriotism

Debating Iwo Jima (The Well / History)

Movies can shape history, but one director is accusing another of misreading it

The Page (The Well / Special Veepstakes Edition)

So You Want to Be Vice President. The dos and don'ts of getting on the ticket


Getting to Know Jim Webb (Commentary / In the Arena)

The surprising Virginia Senator is a potent example of the Democrats' new style and thinking

To Swift-Boat or Not

It's easy to say you wouldn't swift-boat your opponent. But what if it were the only way to get elected?


China's Sports School: Crazy for Gold (The Well / World)

Determined to knock the U.S. off the top of the Olympics podium, China's state-run sports schools are pushing their young students to the limit. Inside the medal machine

Engage your Enemies (The Well / Commentary)

Engaging your enemies can be wise--as Ronald Reagan's diplomatic success proved

Postcard: Ranthambore. (Postcard: Ranthambore)

An Indian tiger reserve experiences a sudden, welcome baby boom. The lessons learned may help save the animals from extinction. The great cat's last, best hope


Obama and the Economy (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

The downturn helps the Dems. So does the fact that on this issue, McCain sounds a lot like Bush

Solar Power's New Style (The Well / Business)

The heavy silicon panels of yesterday are giving way to thin-film cells--a cheaper, more flexible technology that could change the way we harness the sun

Business Books (Also In This Issue)

How innovative businesses are using technology to find ways to cool the planet and mint some green for their investors. An excerpt from a new book


TV's Call Girl (Television)

What drives high-class escorts? In one Showtime comedy, it's simpler than you may think

Murder into Art (Books)

There are almost as many bad true-crime books as there are crimes. What makes them so hard to do?


The Art of Simplexity (The Well / Book Excerpt)

From politics to technology to the arts, everything that seems simple is actually complex--and vice versa. How science is sorting out the confusion

Recycling Food Scraps (Going Green)

To reduce methane emissions, some U.S. cities are offering curbside pickup for your leftovers


Bike-Sharing Gets Smart (Life / Commuting)

A new high-tech program for multi-user bicycles could be offered as a solution to high gas prices and environmental issues

Copper and Robbers (Life / Home Page)

Household items get nabbed amid rising commodity prices

Confessions of a Wi-Fi Thief (Nerd World)

Viewpoint: Stealing your neighbor's wi-fi signal is unethical, illegal and not very efficient. But it sure is easy


Agave's Sweet Spot (Global Business / Small Business)

Natural-foods companies are capitalizing on growing demand for the plant's healthier sugar

Q&A with Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson (Global Business)

Best Buy CEO and Vice-Chairman Brad Anderson talks to TIME's Kristina Dell about competition, acquisitions and expansion.

The Generation Y Hotel (Global Business / Travel)

A new style of inn caters to young travelers, with Wiis, hip bars and designer sofas


A Full Plate.

TIME serves up a smart report on childhood obesity, an anthology of our best writing and a list of top websites