America's Medicated Army (Cover Story)

Thousands of troops are being given antidepressant drugs to deal with battle field stress. A TIME investigation reveals combat's heavy toll on their mental health — and why the military's efforts to treat it may be making the problem worse


How Obama Did It (The Well / Campaign '08)

In an exclusive interview, the first insurgent Democrat in decades to dethrone a front-runner tells of his path to victory

The Clinton-Obama Divide (The Well / America by the Numbers)

A detailed breakdown of the Democratic primaries shows both candidates' strongholds and vulnerabilities


Can Hillary Unite the Party?

Though she lost the nomination, Hillary Clinton ran a remarkable campaign. What she chooses to do next could unite — or destroy — the Democrats


The Big Stories

We go behind the scenes as the Democrats settle on a nominee, and provide a remarkable report on the military's use of antidepressants


After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why (Postcard: Postville)

Following the largest single-site raid in U.S. history, the legal residents of Postville rally around their illegal neighbors


Past and Prologue. (The Moment: St. Paul)

At last, the primaries are over. On to the real race


Daddy Boot Camp (Life / Living)

The playbook for modern fatherhood now includes a prebaby crash course


Who Will Rule the New Internet? (The Well / Technology)

Apple, Google and Facebook all want to build the next great platform. Inside the struggle for Web supremacy


Will the Oil Bubble Burst? (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

After making billions on rising energy prices, a big investor cashes in. Why that signals cheaper times


Can Coldplay Do Anything Else? (Music)

The band got big, and annoying, singing one kind of song. The goal on its new album is to "get better rather than bigger"


Israel's Mrs. Clean (Profile)

A once reluctant politician, former Mossad agent Tzipi Livni is the favorite to succeed the scandal-tainted Ehud Olmert as Israel's leader


Law and Disorder. (Global Business / Megacities)

After a decade of rampant crime, officials and citizens of Mexico City are trying to fight back

The Czar of Crepes (Global Business / Food)

A financial crisis helped create Russia's Teremok. It could become the McDonald's of blini

Medical Mouse Practice (Global Business / Top Business Teams)

Cleveland Clinic pairs medical and tech staff to create Internet tools that improve care and give patients access to their records

Q&A with Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson (Global Business)

Best Buy CEO and Vice-Chairman Brad Anderson talks to TIME's Kristina Dell about competition, acquisitions and expansion.