10 Ideas That are Changing the World (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

More than money, more than politics, ideas are the secret power that this planet runs on. Here are a few you need to know about

#1 Common Wealth (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

National interests aren't what they used to be. Our survival requires global solutions

#3 The Post-Movie-Star Era (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Get ready for more films in which the leading man is not "he" but "who?"

#4 Reverse Radicalism (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Want to stop terrorism? Start talking to terrorists who stop themselves

#5 Kitchen Chemistry (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Why the squishy art of cooking is giving way to cold, hard science

#6 Geoengineering (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Messing with nature caused global warming. Messing with it more might fix it

#7 Synthetic Authenticity (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Jaded buyers love 'real' products--or at least ones that fake it well

#8 The New Austerity (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Get ready for something truly unheard of: an era of living within our means

#9 Mandatory Health (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Bosses are trying to force their employees to live better. Yep, it's legal

#10 Re-Judaizing Jesus (10 Ideas That are Changing the World)

Scholars are now rereading the Gospels through the eyes of a Jew: Jesus


The Power of Ideas

Changing the world requires innovative thinking. How 10 novel concepts are transforming the way we live


Was Spitzer Destined to Fall? (The Well / Nation)

A lurid sex scandal ends the brash, ambitious career of New York's governor, but the clues to his demise go years back

Assessing Clinton's "Experience" (The Well / Fact-Check)

She touts it relentlessly in her campaign against Obama. But how much has she really done? TIME looks at the record


Israel's Secret War (World)

In the West Bank an invisible battle is being waged, as Israel uses a mailed fist and a network of Palestinian informers to stop suicide bombers before they can reach their targets

Postcard: Moscow

In Putin's Russia, where the government faces almost no opposition, one tabloid is crusading against the rich and powerful. At work with Moscow's muckrakers


Foul Play (The Moment)

As the Olympics draw near, China launches a vigorous crackdown on dissent


Freshen Up Your Drink (Health / Health)

Reusing water bottles is good ecologically, but is it bad for your health? How to drink smart


Meals on Wheels (Food)

Gourmet chefs are cooking and serving from kitchens in trucks

How Does the Garden Grow? (Going Green)

Eco-friendly, hopefully—but only if you take care to conserve water, use native plants and keep it organic


Triple-A Trouble (The Curious Capitalist)

Ratings agencies helped create the subprime mess. So why not pay less attention to their ratings?

Consider Your Options (Right on Your Money)

Billions in stock grants are going down the drain, worthless. Are they still worth asking for?


The Simple Life (Exhibit)

The art market is in love with glitz. Maybe that's why artists are having an affair with the humble

Whirled Peace (Books)

Nicholson Baker reorganizes the history of World War II. Is he saying we weren't the good guys?

Downtime (Downtime)

5 Things You Should Know About. A silky smooth Yo-Yo, a tender Horton and Randy Jackson's new club

How Crafty Are They? (Test Run)

The promise of craft books is wholesome fun. The premise of these books is that they come with all that your kids need (no glue sticks). Do they deliver?


10 Questions for David Stern

For 24 years, the NBA commissioner has helped globalize pro basketball. And this year's compelling season could lift the league out of a ratings funk. David Stern will now take your questions


The New Road to Hell

The Vatican reflects on its mortal sins for the modern age. Want salvation? Pick up your trash

The Case for Full Disclosure (Commentary / Tuned In)

Admitting that reporters care who wins is the best way to make political news trustworthy


Re-Visionary (Global Business: Profile - Top Business - Megacities - Corporate Strategy / Profile)

Did ex-Vivendi boss Jean-Marie Messier get convergence right? It's starting to look that way

Clean Goes Green (Global Business: Profile - Top Business - Megacities - Corporate Strategy / Corporate Strategy)

Bleach boss Clorox aims to up its eco-cred--and sales--with natural products. Will it wash?

Revving Up Nissan (Global Business: Profile - Top Business - Megacities - Corporate Strategy / Top Business Teams)

The design of its new supercar inspires a collaboration revolution at the Japanese automaker

The Capital of Gridlock (Global Business: Profile - Top Business - Megacities - Corporate Strategy / Megacities)

In Bangkok, every hour is rush hour. What it will take to unravel the city's epic traffic jams

Business Books

How a family feud between two Bavarian shoemakers changed the world of sports. Plus: a guide to the world's Über-élite and tips for getting all the way to No. 2